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Our threat research in action

Dropper apps on Google Play delivering adware

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Trojan malware infecting 17 apps on the App Store

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Adware found in selfie camera apps on Google Play

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The risk in numbers

Every year we analyze data from 425 million mobile sensors in our network to understand how that vast spectrum of threats is impacting real users. See the stats in our Mobile Threat Landscape Report.

Our threat research in the media

Why phones that secretly listen to us are a myth

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Google Confirms Malicious Apps Removed From Play Store

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Some Airline Flight Online Check-in Links Expose Passenger Data

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How 18 Malware Apps Snuck Into Apple’s App Store

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Threat blogs

First iOS 13 jailbreak tool: checkra1n

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Could the latest iOS attacks have been mitigated? A case study on recent vulnerabilities

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Newly identified remote exploit exposes WhatsApp private user data

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Threat research process

An example of how Wandera discovers, blocks and reports bad apps.

1 | Identify

Anomalous traffic in network connections is identified by MI:RIAM, our advanced threat intelligence engine.

2 | Discover

Traffic comes from an unknown app, which appeared on multiple devices, yet wasn’t from an official app store.

3 | Monitor

The devices with the app installed are monitored for unusual activity.

4 | Investigate

Through our monitoring, a command-and-control service is identified and an investigation commences into its functionality.

5 | Remediate/protect

To protect other customers from being infected, we block access to distribution servers and prevent further data exfiltration from infected mobile devices.

6 | Communicate

We communicate the findings so others can implement the necessary protections.

Our responsible disclosure policy

We follow an industry-standard responsible disclosure policy to ensure security issues are promptly resolved and made known to the public.

Press enquiries

Liarna La Porta is Wandera’s global public relations manager, based in San Francisco. For all press inquiries, please contact her at: press@wandera.com

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