Cloud services continue to be adopted at a ferocious pace and a lot of research is being conducted on how companies are building IT strategies around the cloud. We’ve poured over the internet to find the best research on cloud security, adoption, and strategy.

Cloud security

  1. More than 70% of organizations will be using Security-as-a-Service by 2021, according to Gartner (link)
  2. Just 21% of organizations use Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) (link)
  3. 83% of organizations say they need to improve their cloud security (link)
  4. 48% of respondents cited that their biggest barrier to cloud adoption was security and 37% stated the need to remain compliant was the most prevalent blocker (link)
  5. 76% of security professionals admit securing their cloud environments is a struggle (link)
  6. 45% of companies globally have experienced security attacks fuelled by visibility and control deficiencies relating to the management and access of IaaS (link)
  7. 65% consider cloud security the most important skill for migrating or implementing cloud infrastructure (link)
  8. 79% of enterprises want better-integrated security and governance for their data in the cloud (link)
  9. 92% believe their organization has a cloud security readiness gap (link)

Cloud adoption

  1. 92% of organizations say their IT environment (infrastructure, applications, data, analytics etc) is in the cloud to some extent today, and is expected to grow to 95% 18 months from now (link)
  2. 55% of organizations currently use multiple public clouds. Of this group, 34% say their organization uses two public clouds, 10% use three and 11% more than three (link)
  3. More than 88% of respondents use cloud infrastructure in one form or another, and 45% of organizations expect to move three quarters or more of their applications to the cloud over the next twelve months (link)
  4. 21% of organizations are hosting all applications in a cloud context (link)
  5. 49% of organizations are running applications in traditional on-premises context (link)
  6. 39% of organizations are using a combination of public and private cloud deployments in a hybrid model (link)
  7. More than 56% of respondents said they are currently working on or planning cloud migration projects for this year (link)

Cloud market

  1. Worldwide public cloud services market totalled $233.4 billion in 2019, representing a 26% increase YoY according to IDC (link)
  2. Cloud-based security was cited as the number one critical skill area needed to migrate to or implement cloud-based infrastructure (65%) (link)

Cloud strategy

  1. In Q2 2020, spending on cloud infrastructure services surged by 31% (link)
  2. 32% of IT budgets will be dedicated to the cloud by 2021 (link)
  3. Executives estimate that at least 30% of their cloud spending is wasted (link)
  4. More than half (54%) of public cloud users report having captured their cost-saving goals, only 28% have experienced their anticipated speed to market benefits (link)
  5. 68% of CIOs are worried about vendor lock-in regarding public cloud (link)
  6. Over 75% of organizations have deployed workloads in the cloud (link)
  7. Hybrid cloud is the most popular form of cloud deployment, accounting for 42% of configurations (link)
  8. 81% of IT professionals said most data center and network tasks will be completely automated by 2025 (link)
  9. 86% of IT decision-makers believe the shortage of talent will slow down cloud projects (link)
  10. By 2025, more than 90% of enterprises will have an automation architect, up from less than 20% today (link)