BYOD | Bring your own device

Security with privacy in-built to keep your users happy and productive.

Establish your users’ trust through privacy and control

  • We protect users from getting phished, and safeguard their privacy by protecting their browsing from prying eyes and ensuring their usage habits are not targeted for advertising. We can also let your users turn their privacy controls on or off.

Enterprise security regardless of mobile device

  • Your organization and your users benefit from MI:RIAM threat intelligence that works in the background to deliver enterprise grade security and supports any mobile device.

Typical project scope

  • Protection against mobile cyber threats

COPE | Corporate owned, personally enabled

Balance the need to protect your corporate data with the need for user productivity.

Enterprise grade security that is user friendly

  • Our security goes beyond endpoint threat detection to prevent network attacks at source. But it doesn’t use heavy-handed technologies that disrupt the user experience. The endpoint app is lightweight and connections are seamlessly secured. Our threat intelligence works in the background.

Customize your policy

  • If you choose to go beyond cyber threat protection and apply policy to manage employee usage exposures, you can do so while maintaining user privacy. Data is not decrypted, usage can be anonymized, and we’re fully ISO certified and GDPR compliant.

Typical project scope

  • Protection against mobile cyber threats alongside acceptable usage policy

COBO | Corporate owned, business only

Ensure full compliance while maintaining a positive user experience.

Proactive security that saves you time

  • Delivering end-to-end security doesn’t need to create a headache for your team. Our leading threat intelligence works in the background to detect and prevent threats, and alerts you when you want. You can access a full audit trail of a cyber attack and quickly assess the impact to your organization.

Compliance that doesn’t disrupt your users

  • Our compliance policy doesn’t require special browser access or heavy-handed VPNs. Your employees benefit from a fully native and seamless mobile experience. Detailed usage analytics enable you to stay in control. We’re fully ISO certified and GDPR compliant.

Typical project scope

  • Protection against mobile cyber threats and compliance driven usage policy with audit capability

Single Purpose Use support

  • If your devices are used for a single purpose, for example in kiosks, we can help you lock down browser access natively to reduce complexity while keeping usage secure.

To find out more about how Wandera supports all device ownership models, schedule a demonstration below.