Service Description

1. Service overview

Wandera solutions (“Services”) are designed to secure mobile devices against cyber threats and enable enterprise IT to apply policy to manage employee usage based risks. These capabilities are available through two core services: Mobile Threat Defense and Mobile Data Policy. Our Mobile Security Suite comprises both services.

Wandera Mobile Threat Defense protects against threats to mobile devices, such as malware, rogue or insecure applications, phishing, cryptojacking, data exfiltration and network attacks. Threats are detected at the endpoint via Wandera’s endpoint application, and also prevented in the network via Wandera’s Secure Access Layer. As well as protecting against threats, Wandera helps organizations detect vulnerabilities, flagging potential risks such as outdated OS versions or risky configuration settings. The solution is designed to integrate with leading UEM and SIEM offerings, such as VMware AirWatch, Microsoft Intune and Splunk.

Wandera Mobile Data Policy provides enterprise IT the ability to apply policy to manage employee usage risks across corporate mobile devices. These include shadow IT, unapproved usage and excessive data consumption. The solution provides web content filtering across all mobile traffic (including WiFi when enabled), and data management features like tethering, capping and compression. Typical policies include caps to limit data recreational consumption beyond a certain level, and filters that block content considered inappropriate for work such as gambling or social media. The solution is easy to deploy, featuring the installation of an endpoint application and mobile traffic vectoring via Wandera’s cloud gateway. The solution integrates seamlessly with leading EMM solutions to further simplify deployment and enable synchronised lifecycle management. Wandera’s Mobile Data Policy is also available on Windows 10 devices via installation of a tamper-proof client – this offering is referred to as Exten.

2. Architecture, Key Features & Support

The Wandera solution includes an application installed on employee devices and an online portal for admins to configure, analyze and control the solution.

2.1 Endpoint Application

The Wandera application is installed on employee smartphones and tablets, and provides two core capabilities depending on the services enabled: active detection of cyber threats, and real-time usage analytics.

2.2 Secure Access Layer

Wandera’s SAL prevents threats in the network from reaching mobile endpoints while safeguarding user privacy. Capabilities include zero-day phishing protection and secure tunnels that can be initiated with the endpoint is under a MITM attack.

2.3 Cloud Gateway (for Mobile Data Policy only)

Wandera’s cloud gateway acts as an in-line cloud proxy, scanning data in real-time to analyze usage and apply policy. Wandera’s gateway is hosted and delivered from secure global data centers and is fully GDPR compliant. Wandera is ISO certified.

2.4 MI:RIAM Threat Intelligence

MI:RIAM correlates the billions of daily mobile inputs and powers a unique set of advanced machine learning techniques to build up a detailed view of each mobile data request and the associated security threat.

2.5 RADAR Web Console

Device deployment, policies, service settings and reports are all managed through a single administrative portal named RADAR. Powerful policies enable different settings to be applied to different devices based upon criteria of the administrator’s choosing. A wide range of graphical and tabular reports are available for admins to review usage analytics and threat intelligence. These reports are presented in aggregate across devices, with the ability to drill down on a per-device, per threat or per app/site basis.

2.6 Wandera EMM Connect

An optional component of the Wandera architetcure, this connects with your UEM/EMM/MDM solution to provide additional data for analysis, as well as offering a seamless, integrated way to deploy the Services and synchronise management.

2.7 SIEM Integration

Export security insights and events into your existing SIEM platform, seamlessly integrating your mobile threat intelligence with your enterprise-wide workflows.

2.8 Device Support

Wandera works across all carriers and is available on almost all mobile devices including iOS, Samsung Android, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Android. For a more detailed description of which products we can support, visit the Wandera knowledgebase.

3.0 Service Considerations

Wandera can be used via all mobile networks. Your dealings with any wireless, telecommunications or other carrier (“Carrier”) in connection with the Services are solely between you and this Carrier.

Certain applications may utilize alternative non-web protocols that could result in traffic passing outside of the Services remit. Please refer to our Wandera Customer Knowledgebase for a comprehensive breakdown of unsupported ports, protocols and applications, as updated from time to time.

In the case of Mobile Data Policy, the Services make minor technical modifications to data transferred through the cloud gateway; this includes reducing image and video resolution, blocking traffic and optimizing text-based payloads. If you do not agree to these modifications please do not use the Services.

If an end user’s mobile data request is blocked within the browser, the Services will normally deliver a blocked page. If the request is via an app, the app will be unable to complete its web requests successfully. The administrator can also set up alerts to be delivered via email and the app.

The availability and functionality of the Services depends on various factors and elements, including software, hardware and communication networks, which are partially provided by third parties. We do not warrant or guarantee that the service will operate without disruption, limitations, delays, errors or interruptions, or that it will be accessible, or available at all times, or immune from unauthorized access or error-free.