The future of network security is in the cloud

SASE is a new model for delivering security and network connectivity through a single cloud security platform. Wandera’s SASE starts by providing blazing fast connectivity to any network resource, whether hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and enables inline security protections and usage risk mitigations, as well as integrations with SD-WAN.

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Software-defined perimeter

Connectivity between devices and services, as well as application-centric policies to ensure sensitive data is accessible only under the right context. Replace friction-causing MFA, or selectively route application traffic for additional security.

Cloud gateway

Inline traffic monitoring that provides real-time insights and policy control over web connections through an integrated forward proxy. The Cloud Gateway is dynamically scalable to support any number of endpoints under management.

DNS security

A lightweight network security service using DNS that automatically prevents access to millions of malicious domains. This Secure Access Layer monitors network traffic for connections to known phishing domains, signals to command-and-control traffic, and for possible data exfiltration.

Cloud app protection

Built-in SaaS security, including native protections for Office 365, Google Drive, Salesforce and more. Additionally, the Wandera SDP capabilities ensure that cloud-hosted applications are made available only to those users and devices that are dynamically determined to meet the access requirements.

Content filtering

Applies smart usage policies to protect organizations from unnecessary usage risks. These policies are context aware and can be fine-tuned across groups, categories and usage scenarios to ensure that data usage is optimized in line with contextual factors.

App protection

Securely adopt apps within the service edge by performing a continuous assessment of the developers that published the apps, the permissions they requested, and implementation details such as the transport security selected and the libraries and SDKs embedded.

Wi-Fi protection

Monitor wireless and cellular network traffic for unsanctioned, suspicious or malicious behavior; this includes checks for invalid or spoofed certificates and for sophisticated protocol attacks, such as SSL stripping.


Identifies “normal” patterns of behavior within the service edge and builds a picture of what constitutes normal, flagging anomalies and stopping risky behaviors before sensitive assets are put at risk.

Cost optimization

Real-time analytics and detailed reporting to manage data consumption. Prevents bill shock by capping and limiting non-business data usage across the service edge, while simultaneously reducing roaming charges with overseas data management controls.

Endpoint security

Comprehensive security against device, app, and network risks through our leading endpoint protection. These capabilities provide security teams with added risk signals from the remote endpoint as well as defensive tools such as advanced malware protection.

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Unified policy

Policy controls across multiple security use cases are delivered from a single, integrated platform. The centralized management platform provides a consolidated view across an organization’s assets and enables rapid policy changes to be propagated across the network.

Unified device support

The same policy definition is used for all of your remote users, whether on smartphones, tablets or laptops. Using a unified solution reduces the risks and compliance issues associated with inconsistent policy or policy gaps.

Cloud-delivered threat intelligence

Analyzes new applications and web services for zero-day attacks and advanced threats. Risk assessments can be used to drive real-time risk-based policy.

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