Today, Wandera revealed the true, and perhaps surprising, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of mobile devices for enterprises in both the US and the UK. The new research, which was undertaken by RedShift Research and surveyed 1,000 US and UK IT decision makers, sheds light on misconceptions surrounding the true cost of enterprise mobility.

Average spend on device per year: $1,840 £1,272
TCO for enterprise mobility is: 116% more than commonly expected, and overall, costs American businesses $51.9 billion per annum 103% more than commonly expected, and overall, costs British businesses £13.2 billion per annum
Average per device annually that could be saved: $407 per device £352 per device
Average that could be saved for country’s business per year, overall: $11.5 billion for American businesses overall £3.7 billion for British businesses overall
Enterprises reported suffering a mobile security breach in the last 12 months: 1 in 4 US enterprises 1 in 5 UK enterprises

For more information around TCO as well as interactive deep-dives into the topic, please see the 3 assets below:

    • Access the TCO research whitepaper Download
    • Calculate the total cost of ownership of your company smartphone TCO Calculator