The remote access evolution

For Wandera the year started with a new brand and a new direction, using our strengths as security experts to establish a circle of trust. Security leaders were telling us that establishing trust was becoming a major challenge for their business, especially when remote users and highly sensitive, data-rich corporate resources were involved.

In the traditional enterprise environment, all the applications ran on servers situated on-premise with IT provisioned devices connecting over the corporate network. Only the user was unknown but through credentials, biometrics, and multi-factor authentication we could establish a reasonable level of trust in who the individual was. Many of the companies we work with were following this model, after all, their operating model still revolved around employees in the office.

Very few people could anticipate the challenges that businesses would face in the coming months. No longer were workers in the office, many were connecting from home and even overseas. Some were using corporate-managed endpoints, but many only had personal devices available, and nearly all used mobile devices for work.

At Wandera we were forced to adapt to remote access too: video calls replaced face-to-face meetings overnight, flexible working was implemented to help team members shelter with their loved ones, and internal processes were fully digitalized so we could continue to operate effectively. We realized that the goal we set for ourselves, developing a true Zero-Trust Network Access solution, was bigger than we had anticipated.

Wandera Private Access for remote access

I am excited to officially announce the launch of our own Zero Trust Network Access solution: Wandera Private Access.

This new solution completes our mission to enable workers to be as productive outside the office as in it, and equally, regardless of whether they are an employee, contractor, or partner. Private Access is agnostic to the device’s operating system, the user’s connection, and the application’s location.

Wandera Private Access gracefully complements the existing Wandera suite, a unified security capability that already spanned threat protection and content filtering to stop attacks while reducing risk exposure. With truly unified analytics and policy engine, Wandera is configured once and applied everywhere.

Built using the Wandera Security Cloud’s robust software-defined architecture and leveraging the team’s expertise, Private Access provides a truly differentiated experience. I invite you to read more about Wandera Private Access to find out why it is already being recognized by analysts.

Join the change

Wandera’s journey to this point has only been possible thanks to the insights, feedback, and support we have received from our customers. In this ever-changing world, working closely with them has allowed us to understand their challenges, refine use cases and build the best possible solution.

I’d like to invite you to join us as we usher in the new era of remote access.


Eldar Tuveyzer