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December 5, 2017

Get a jump-start on your mobility goals with Smart Policy

When customers purchase our solution, they usually have a particular goal in mind. This could be any number of things, whether it’s minimizing data usage, protecting the mobile fleet against threats, or simply ensuring a smart policy for acceptable use is enforced.

Wandera, as you may know, has the ability to help companies succeed in all of these areas. That being said, choosing from a seemingly endless sea of policy options can be intimidating.

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November 23, 2017

Avoid SIM tampering with new detection feature from Wandera

Let’s be honest. Something we tend not to focus on here at Wandera is that users don’t particularly enjoy being restricted in their mobile device activities.

This is a fact that we can all understand. Our phones tend to feel personal to us (whether they’re owned by the company we work for or not), and most of us think we have a right to do what we wish with them.

In an ideal world, where mobile data was free, money grew on trees, and mobile threats didn’t exist, employees could of course have completely autonomy over their enterprise mobile devices.

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November 23, 2017

App Insights: Wandera provide unrivaled visibility with new feature

Today, Wandera has announced the upcoming launch of another integral feature as part of its comprehensive mobile security solution. App Insights, as the name suggests, will give customers a 360-degree perspective on the apps that are installed on their mobile devices.

This new report delivers much-needed visibility to mobility admins who need not only to understand which apps are in use by the organization, but also must assess the risk those apps present to the business.

This feature provides an additional layer of analysis for IT teams to assess the overall health of their mobile estates and adds tremendous value in driving insights and subsequent policy actions.

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