If you log into your RADAR account today, you’ll notice a significant change in the way you navigate your mobile reports. Not only have we refreshed the navigation panel with a polished new look and feel, we’ve also re-jigged (and renamed) the top-level categories, grouping reports by common functionality, so that you can more efficiently find what you’re looking for.

We know that change can take a while to get your head around, and can even be flat out annoying if done the wrong way. But not to worry, we’re confident that our new navigation will not only feel better to use but will make your life easier on a daily basis. We’ve placed everything in an even more logical and succinct order, based on real data collected by our product team.
As we continue to build new features and add them to RADAR, it’s essential we take a look back every so often to reflect and think strategically about the arrangement of things. This update is a direct result of that reflection.

What’s changing?

If you’re a RADAR regular, you know that in our previous navigation panel, we grouped our mobile reports into three main categories (you may or may not have seen all of these depending on the services you have with us):

  • Secure
  • Extend
  • View

While we know and love these categorizations, you may have noticed they’ve become somewhat outdated.
It occurred to us that the key services and overall value we provide our customers including “Security” for instance or “Data Management” weren’t spelled out in these groupings.
That’s when we decided to make a change. You’ll see the new headings have evolved and now go hand in hand with our value proposition. They are as follows:

  • Security
  • Acceptable Use
  • Data Management

Let’s delve a little deeper into what each of these categories has to offer.

RADAR: Security

If you’re one of our Enterprise Mobile Security customers you’ll soon see “Security” as the first heading listed in your RADAR portal. Previously referred to as “Secure” the Security grouping encompasess the following Wandera reports:

  • Threat View
  • Device View
  • App Insights
  • Security Event Logs

This category, as expected, drills down to all things security. As you may already know, these reports provide admins with a multi-level of view of each and every risk, vulnerability and threat (whether it be at the device, network, app) currently affecting the mobile fleet.

Acceptable Use

A heading you may not be as familiar with, “Acceptable Use” encompasses reports focused on keeping the mobile fleet compliant in terms of content accessed.
The two reports it currently holds are:

  • Blocks
  • Categories

Under the previous navigation structure, this category didn’t exist. Instead, we had “Extend” which encompassed Savings, Blocks and Caps reporting.
We believe this category is an intuitive one, and that the reporting within it will provide admins with key insights into the content being accessed by their managed mobile devices

Data Management

Last but not least we have the Data Management heading. This category loosely replaces the “View” heading in the previous navigation, although it’s functionality is slightly more specific.
The reports that flow from this category are as follows:

  • Usage
  • Savings
  • Sites/Apps
  • Roaming
  • Caps
  • Tethering
  • Business/Personal

These reports of course, are all focused on Data Management, providing you the tools you need to monitor the status of data, and more importantly the cost of the data, flowing to and from the mobile devices within your mobile estate.
But wait, there’s more
You’ll notice that along with the categorization changes we’ve made, RADAR has a much slicker overall look and feel. That’s not only thanks to some nifty design work, but also to the overall reduction of icons and the optimization of screen real estate.
This work isn’t only appeasing to the eye, but also makes your day-to-day that much more simple, allowing you to access commonly used screens and reports with ease.


Get the new nav working for you

Curious to see what this new nav is all about? If you’re not already benefiting from what Wandera has to offer, check in with one of our mobility experts.
Also, stay tuned for even bigger and better updates to your RADAR experience, coming soon