Flexibility is one of the most important principles we bring into our thinking at Wandera. We want to build tools that don’t just work in the way that we want them to, but in the way that our customers actually want to use them.

We know that every business has its own unique systems in place. Two companies of a similar size in a similar industry might have technology stacks that are entirely different to one another, and could have all sorts of specific processes that are unlike each other too.
That’s why we release features such as EMM Connect, which allows customers to use their preferred EMM vendor in tandem with Wandera. Or our SIEM integration, helping admins use Wandera security data with existing workflows and systems.
It’s with this customizable spirit in mind that we’re proud to announce our latest partnership with SimpleMDM, a streamlined device management solution dedicated to Apple products.

Enterprise features, consumer usability

Just like the name suggests, SimpleMDM is focused on giving its users the advanced functionality of large, enterprise platforms but without the added bulk.
Its platform is intuitive to use, and features a beautiful interface in which users can seamlessly manage iOS and macOS devices.
SimpleMDM is an Apple MDM, meaning that it offers full support for Apple DEP and Apple VPP, as well as coverage for supervised devices.
One of SimpleMDM’s strongest features is its powerful device location tracking, complete with the ability to monitor device whereabouts on a present or historical basis.

How the integration works

For Wandera customers

Wandera customers without an MDM might wish to begin using SimpleMDM, which is of course now designed to work seamlessly with Wandera.
Before this integration, deployment of Wandera would require email notifications and some time investment to ensure devices were properly configured with RADAR, Wandera’s sophisticated management platform for admins.
Now, enrolment and setup couldn’t be … well … simpler. Admins can make use of SimpleMDM to deploy Wandera in a heartbeat, including all of the necessary configurations for instant, effective enrolment. This gives anyone with access to SimpleMDM the power of Wandera across all of their device fleet with almost no effort at all.

For SimpleMDM customers

This is also means that current users of SimpleMDM will now have streamlined access to all of the powerful mobile security and data management features available in Wandera.
For users wishing to tighten their security, Wandera’s solution encompasses mobile threat defense and content filtering to prevent targeted mobile attacks, identify data leaks, and filter access to risky or unapproved usage.
SimpleMDM customers can also take advantage of Wandera’s data usage management functionality, which includes mobile expense management and policy enforcement. This is designed to help businesses reduce data usage, lower costs and improve productivity, delivering a measurable ROI.

Find out more

SimpleMDM comes with straightforward monthly pricing options, which are – unsurprisingly – very simple. All plans come with friendly technical support included as part of your subscription.
Wandera customers with a RADAR login can view the App Push details by following this link and selecting SimpleMDM from the drop-down list.