Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools, also known as MDM, can be wonderful things. They boast an array of powerful features designed to help IT admins centrally manage corporate devices.

Wandera partners with the best of them, and we’re proud of our deep integrations with industry leaders like Airwatch, MobileIron and Citrix.

Wandera and EMM: the story so far

Our technologies have been an ideal complement to the services provided by EMM vendors. This is thanks to our unique ability to monitor activity at the cloud level, alongside other real-time access through service integrations and on the handset itself – an unprecedented level of visibility into the data passing through the device.
EMM technologies were built to help companies centrally configure their device fleets, facilitating functions like remotely installing apps and updating operating systems.
emm2 However, there are some functions that EMM platforms are unable to provide. EMMs are unable to track data-level activity in the cloud, meaning quarantining and other sophisticated control actions are performed on the basis of a much more limited dataset.
Wandera is able to offer organizations a new level of visibility into mobile activity, in the cloud and beyond the scope of an EMM platform. Using Wandera, admins can also define certain actions to be taken when new threats are discovered. For instance, if an app is identified as leaking sensitive data and then used by a member of staff, admins might choose to apply user notifications or even traffic blocking to deal with the issue.

That’s what makes EMM and Wandera such good bedfellows. Combined, organizations can use Wandera to see into what’s happening at the data level and then, in theory, implement sophisticated responses at the device level using an EMM platform.
In theory, anyway. The problem was that the solutions were only partially integrated, meaning admins would have to switch between platforms to first get the unique visibility into potential threats offered by Wandera, and then dive into the EMM platform to configure a device-level response such as uninstalling a newly-identified rogue app.
In our latest update to Wandera, we’ve addressed this issue head on.

Secure: new and improved

Wandera’s Secure offering includes the featureset that allows admins to take responses when new threats and vulnerabilities are detected.
This month’s updates mean that the range of actions admins can take has been hugely extended, thanks to a deeper integration with EMM technologies. This integration allows some of the most powerful functionality available in EMM platforms to be made accessible through Wandera,
No longer will admins need to switch platforms to take action. They can automatically deploy EMM-level protection in reaction to any data-based event. One example might be after Wandera has detected a threat on the device, triggering an EMM response to restrict access to corporate email.
We’ll be introducing a slew of continuous improvements to this feature in the coming months, but EMM Connect launches with capabilities across a number of different threats.
This integration means that Wandera signals the EMM when certain threats are “active”.This includes cloud-detected threats like malware, jailbreaking, outdated operating systems and man-in-the-middle attacks.
The integration of a real-time service like Wandera with policy enforcement across a multi-level architecture is an industry first and empowers IT admins to act far more swiftly and easily than ever before.
For existing users, you can find out more information on the new updates in the Wandera support portal, as well as instructions of how to start making the most of them.
If you’re already using EMM but are yet to protect the real time activity of your mobile devices, your organization could be vulnerable to threats that just aren’t being caught. Get in touch to speak to one of our experts and see if you’re exposed to any unnecessary risk.

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