So far, everything we’ve built at Wandera has been created on the innovative idea of the Secure Mobile Gateway.

Drawing on experience in the web gateway industry, our vision has always been to offer a platform — built exclusively for mobile — that uniquely extends across security, compliance and data management, at a level only made possible thanks to the technologies that make use of cellular data in the cloud, rather than those that sit solely on the device.
We believe this gives us an incredible vantage point to offer a much richer, more integrated offering for organizations looking to get more visibility and control over corporate mobile activity.

A new level of visibility

However, in an era of BYOD and with the proliferation of available public Wi-Fi hotspots, we recognize that mobile usage is often more nuanced than everything being done through 3G or 4G.
That’s why we’ve extended the capabilities of Wandera, enabling the platform to now accept Wi-Fi connections as well as those that occur over  cellular networks.
Admins can now get the same level of protection and visibility offered by Wandera through Wi-Fi connections as they could previously with cellular data.
Currently the +WiFi service is available for any business taking advantage of Apple supervised devices.

  • Unified view of mobile data usage on both cellular and Wi-Fi connections
  • Flexible policy controls ensuring complete mobile compliance at all times
  • 100% always-on threat defense for cellular and Wi-Fi data

What is a Supervised device?

In Apple’s own words, supervision allows extra restrictions like disabling AirDrop or Apple Music, and placing the device in Single App Mode. It also provides additional device configurations and features, like silently installing apps or filtering web usage via a global proxy to ensure that users’ web traffic stays within the organization’s guidelines. Supervised devices are designed to work in conjunction with EMM solutions, deploying policy control and install profiles centrally.

Apple DEP and Wandera

The DEP program allows mobility admins to purchase devices directly from Apple or a certified reseller and ensure that they are owned and managed by the company. This means devices are unmistakably not the property of the individual user from day one.
With Wandera remotely installed through Apple DEP, 100% of your device fleet is secured from day one.

Start using +WiFi today

For existing users, you can find out more information on the new updates by getting in touch with the account management team.
For those not familiar with Wandera first-hand, get up close and personal with our platform and the new +WiFi feature by requesting a demo today.

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