As an award winning Australian residential design and building company, Porter Davis relies heavily on mobile devices to maintain employee productivity.

The company’s employees use mobile devices primarily for connectivity and accessing emails on the move. The estate consists of 500-600 devices, most of which are iPhones with some additional iPads.

Porter Davis’ cost challenge

Porter Davis had a 1.6 TB data pool plan with its telco carrier but was routinely going over this limit.
The company had very limited visibility into data spend so it was difficult to know how to control it.

We were finding that on our group bill, people were using over and above our 1.6 TB limit and therefore costing the business thousands and thousands of dollars, because it would push us on to the next cap which was 2 TB. A lot of this excess usage was people using personal services, like YouTube, so we needed to control that.Jerome Chant – Service Desk Manager at Porter Davis

Porter Davis

Porter Davis’ security challenge

From a security perspective, the company uses web and email filtering on its desktop devices and needed to extend this control to mobile.
After looking into a similar content filtering service for mobile that uses a VPN, it became clear that VPN services can be problematic so a better security solution for mobile was needed.
From an administration point of view, Jerome and the team were finding there was a very limited amount that they could do to control and manage the devices because of the rigid default iOS security settings. They needed more control and the ability to customize the device fleet.

The dream mobility suite

ManageNET suggested Wandera as a solution to give Porter Davis better visibility into its employee data usage. It would also provide the means to control it and secure it without a VPN.
After some consideration, Jerome and the team agreed that it made sense to adopt the Wandera solution, especially since it integrates so neatly with the company’s MDM solution, MobileIron.

We use MobileIron as our preferred MDM suite. As great as it is, every MDM has some limitations in what you can and can’t do, such as scanning and reporting on data, which is where Wandera comes in.Jerome Chant – Service Desk Manager at Porter Davis

Porter Davis chose Wandera for three main reasons:

  1. Tracking and reporting on data usage so the IT team knows what people are using their devices for
  2. Notifying end users not just of how close they are to their data limit but also what their data is being used on so they can better manage their individual usage.
  3. Defining and managing business vs personal usage – so people can access work-related services like email at all times even once the cap is reached but personal services are limited to a Wi-Fi connection only.

Porter Davis

The Wandera solution applied

The company doesn’t enforce overly strict policies. Instead, it has opted for a policy that allows end users a lot of freedom while capping the amount of data available to them.
However, there are certain services that Porter Davis has blocked including extreme, illegal, adult and gambling content.
There are also certain services it has allowed including email, iMessage, Find My Phone and ActiveSync, as well as third-party apps like Cresta, ShareFile and Google Maps, to ensure these are available at all times.
When Porter Davis adds new devices to its fleet, they are enrolled in the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) which provides Jerome and the team with advanced controls allowing them to configure the devices with minimal effort.
They can automatically roll out MobileIron and Wandera and all the work-related services they need so the devices have the correct profiles installed from the get go. This process takes only 5-10 minutes and is very straight forward.