Wandera’s VP of Engineering, Mike Campin, recently talked to Help Net Security about how our new Secure Access Layer protects corporate data across the network—while also protecting user privacy—and shed some light on enterprise mobility and security trends.

Read the full transcript of Mike’s interview on Help Net Security or listen at the link below.


What is the Secure Access Layer?

“It’s an extension of our award-winning mobile threat defense platform. It extends our app-based MTD capabilities into the network to provide comprehensive prevention of content and network threats.

“It solves a problem that every business is facing today, which is how to fully embrace the mobile and cloud revolution, whilst ensuring that their sensitive corporate data remains safe.

“But what really differentiates the Secure Access Layer, and this is what makes it special, this is what we’re really proud about, is that by putting the end user front and center throughout the design and build process, we’ve created a security product which is a win for both the enterprise and also for the end user. The Secure Access Layer is a security solution which actually enhances end-user privacy and delivers a great user experience at the same time.”

Enterprise mobility trends

“It’s going to surprise no one to hear that mobile has overtaken desktop as the preferred medium for access to corporate data and apps. Over half of access now, we think is about 60 percent, is via mobile, and this figure continues to grow.
“As companies look to enable productivity, BYOD has become mainstream. There has never been a greater need for a mobile security and risk management solution that works seamlessly across the mobile landscape, regardless of whether the device is managed or unmanaged, owned by the company or owned by the user.”

Mobile threat landscape

“We look at this as app threats, device threats, network threats and content threats. The recent WhatsApp exploit is a great high-profile example of how, despite the best efforts of Apple and Google, because these ecosystems are so complex, there will always be vulnerabilities, and these are always going to be exploited.”

What end users expect

“Today, end users expect products and services which put them in control, which respect their privacy and of course which they really enjoy using too.
If you tried to deploy a product or service which doesn’t achieve these goals, it’s very likely that the deployment simply isn’t going to work. It’s going to be wasted investment on the part of the company.
In the case of a security solution, if the deployment doesn’t work it means that the protection that you’re paying for just simply isn’t going to be there. The Secure Access Layer employs a user-centric design and addresses these points and more.”