With its pioneering web gateway for mobile, Wandera provides businesses with industry-leading Enterprise Mobile Security and Data Management across their mobile fleets.

Wandera’s +WiFi module extends this functionality beyond mobile data and provides the same level of protection and visibility for everything accessed through Wi-Fi connections.

+WiFi enables

  • Unified view of data usage on both cellular and Wi-Fi connections
  • Flexible controls that allow customers to define mobile policy across all networks
  • 100% always-on threat defense for cellular and Wi-Fi data

Unified view of data usage

Wandera’s +WiFi module gives customers access to a unified view of data usage across cellular and Wi-Fi connections, allowing admins to keep tabs on employee activity taking place outside of mobile data. Behaviour anomalies can be identified in seconds with this extended visibility.

Flexible policy controls

With +WiFi, companies can enforce multiple group-based compliance policies effective across the mobile estate, at all times. This eliminates the possibility of productivity-draining ‘Wi-Fi workarounds’ and protects enterprises from potential legal liability issues that result from employees accessing inappropriate content categories on work devices.

100% always on threat defense

Mobile threats can hit at any time. From home, to office, to hotel Wi-Fi, and every public hotspot in between, employees’ devices are vulnerable to attack. +WiFi gives businesses the ability to keep their mobile fleets protected, regardless of the networks being connected to.

Want to take advantage?

Wandera’s +WiFi service is available to businesses with Samsung Android or Apple iOS devices. Companies using a VPN with iOS devices should check with Wandera’s support team to verify compatibility.

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Mobile Security Index 2019 report

The second annual edition of Verizon’s Mobile Security Index (MSI) has arrived.

Wandera is proud to have contributed data intelligence and analysis to make the report an accurate representation of the mobile threat landscape and how real mobile users are affected by it. Read the full report here.

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