The Wandera and Microsoft Ecosystem

Wandera’s real-time security insights and access policy enforcement can be seamlessly integrated into existing Microsoft suite workflows. Together Wandera and Microsoft defend against increasingly sophisticated and fast-moving threats. The combined services also improves business flexibility and speed to market, enabling businesses to deploy new technology in record time.

The Wandera Security Cloud integrates with the Microsoft suite out of the box. The services form a unified platform to support a wide range of security, remote access and mobility use cases.

Securing cloud applications with Wandera


Endpoint management allows businesses to configure devices and deploy corporate applications. Wandera enhances security policies allowing endpoints to be enabled with confidence that the corporate data they access is kept secure. The shared threat intelligence can trigger automated actions if a threat is detected, including device wipe, application uninstallation, and screenlock.

Azure Active Directory

Centralized directory services simplify identity management for organizations. The lifecycle of Wandera’s access, security and data management policies can also be seamlessly driven by Active Directory. As new individuals join, move or leave teams their specific Wandera policies are automatically updated to reflect their new role.

Azure Sentinel SIEM

Collecting threat events and security analytics in a single place makes it easier to detect, hunt, prevent and respond to threats. Wandera provides unique insight into mobile security and corporate application access events to elevate business visibility. The information shared includes vulnerable apps, misconfigured devices, inappropriate content, and failed corporate application access requests.

Windows 10

Laptops are increasingly used outside the office and on the move. Wandera allows businesses to apply content filtering policies, prevent inappropriate content or shadow IT services from being accessed. Data management policies also help businesses avoid unnecessary expenses caused by excessive data consumption.

Microsoft 365

Cloud-based productivity suites enable workers to collaborate and work effectively however they choose, this could mean using insecure connections or compromised devices to access the sensitive data in these apps. Wandera powers Conditional Launch policies requiring devices to meet organizations security requirements before they gain access, including for applications managed without enrollment in a device manager (MAM-WE).

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Wandera provides unified access to all applications, including those hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is simple to manage users and policies, massively reducing the complexity and time required to launch and secure new applications. Wandera’s Zero Trust Network Access service features end-to-end encryption and conditional policies allowing businesses to tune who and how applications are accessed.

Industry leaders

Wandera is a long standing partner of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, helping organizations understand and defend against increasingly sophisticated and fast-moving threats. Wandera’s threat intelligence is shared with Microsoft to increase customer protection and solve the biggest challenges facing security teams today.

“Mobile is an area of IT security that is becoming increasingly important to our customers so we’re excited to have Wandera join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and expand our threat intelligence to cover the unique and complex needs of mobile,” said Ryan McGee, Director, Microsoft Security Marketing at Microsoft Corp.

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