Delivering best-in-class, real-time security to any remote user, anywhere in the world

High performance

Leverages all the benefits of public cloud, across 30+ global locations, to ensure high performance across all major providers, with unparalleled uptime and availability.

Interconnected everywhere

Our global network can link directly with your private or hybrid clouds and with other service providers, ensuring connectivity as fast and secure as the most demanding businesses require.


We scale vertically and horizontally on-demand and failover seamlessly if services under-perform, ensuring the fastest and most resilient cloud experience. Each global location delivers the same performance and experience as another. Customers benefit from one of the world’s largest distributed data processing networks to guarantee security.


Built using containers and RESTful microservices, Wandera delivers platform services as flexibly as possible to allow third-party applications and customer integrations to exchange service information where needed, enabling links to customer directory services, SIEM systems and analytics platforms.

Continuously updated

We deploy hundreds of code updates a week, ranging from single pixel tweaks all the way up to full feature releases which keeps you secure and at the leading edge of security.

Trusted by the world’s best

“We looked at the speed of logins to Microsoft 365 via Wandera Private Access as the main performance indicator and we were amazed at how fast it was, there was no noticeable difference when compared to the login speed from on our corporate campus.”

- Gary Owen, IT Manager, C-TEC

Zero Trust Cloud Security for your enterprise

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