A guide to web gateways for mobile

Our latest guide discusses Secure Mobile Gateway technology in detail as well as the threats it protects against and how.

The majority of mobile security threats occur as network-based attacks so network protection that is customized for mobile devices is key in securing sensitive data. The Secure Mobile Gateway has recently emerged in response to the growth of mobile use in the business world. The SMG is modelled off the Secure Web Gateway and continues to be optimized in order to fit the needs of organizations.

Mobile data use has increased exponentially since the introduction of the smartphone in the 21st century. Productivity, communication, and availability of information have all increased as organizations have integrated these devices into their IT infrastructure. Mobile devices have become as powerful as traditional desktops, but this growth has been met with a fast moving threat landscape exploiting them. According to Statcounter, mobile data internet traffic surpassed desktop based traffic for the first time in 2016. With Gartner estimating one-third of all malware coming from mobile devices in 2019 and less than 10% of organizations today are implementing Mobile Threat Defense solutions1, the threat landscape for mobility is opportunistic for hackers. Although Mobile Threat Defense solutions can help with detecting and remediating threats detected on the device, many do not provide a Secure Mobile Gateway and thus do not support active blocking of threats via this medium.

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