Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

What is Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)?

Regardless of whether you call it Mobile Threat Defense, Mobile Threat Management or Mobile Threat Prevention, these terms all focus on doing the same thing: securing mobile devices. If you’re looking for more information on what an MTD solution actually does, read our what is Mobile Threat Defense guide.

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Mobile Threat Defense Articles

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Is my phone really more secure than my computer?

From WannaCry to NotPetya, security breaches are becoming all too common in the news. But the big question is: where do these breaches come from? And are we more vulnerable on…

Are airlines putting your data at risk?

Wandera’s threat research team has discovered a vulnerability affecting a number of airline e-ticketing systems that can expose passengers’ personally identifiable information (PII). This vulnerability can expose passenger data by…


Gartner Market Guide to Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Solutions

The report is designed to help security leaders better understand the MTD market, and shortlist solutions currently available that best fit their specific needs.

It concludes that mobile threats can no longer be ignored. Security and risk management leaders must familiarize themselves with mobile threat defense solutions and plan to gradually integrate them to mitigate mobile risks.

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Success stories

International travel is part of doing business for many organizations but unfortunately the cost of mobile data roaming can be difficult to manage. When this real estate services company’s monthly mobile bills were rising fast, it sought out a solution to control mobile usage, resulting in a more predictable billing cycle.

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The solution

Effective mobile risk management requires businesses to be proactive rather than simply detect when an attack has occurred. Wandera provides meaningful visibility into how devices are used to detect, protect and contain attacks.

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