Employee Privacy Framework for Mobile White Paper

Companies of all sizes are still figuring out how to best protect their customers’ privacy, how to tackle the growing number of privacy-focused regulations, and how to determine what best practices look like.

The endless slew of data breaches has put the spotlight on privacy, and huge demand has materialized for privacy-oriented products.

But what about employee privacy? How are businesses ensuring that they don’t impinge on the privacy of their own people?

An employee does not renounce their value of privacy the moment they walk through the office doors.

In an age of dissolving corporate perimeters, infosecurity professionals are experiencing diminished control over which devices are accessing corporate assets and, consequently, are hungry for more data to enhance network visibility and provide better protection.

But issues become clear when mobility enters the conversation, especially in BYOD environments. Employees don’t want to live in a surveillance state where their employers have unfettered access to identity and behavior data.

So what can companies do to factor employee privacy into their security strategies?

This white paper explores data privacy regulations and existing frameworks, providing guidance on how companies can approach employee privacy responsibly, without compromising security.

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