App & Data Leaks

App leaks involve the unauthorized or unintentional transfer of sensitive information from a mobile device to an internet service. App leaks on a mobile device expose sensitive information when an app developer or web programmer fails to encrypt communications.

App & Data Leak Articles & News

utilities reputation

Why reputation matters for utility companies

Since the Enron disaster in 2001, the utilities industry has been plagued by multiple scandals. While utility companies have the advantage of providing necessary services to the public, the competitive…

Group of multiracial fashion friends using smartphone with red wood background - Technology addiction in urban lifestyle with disinterest towards each other - Addicted people to modern mobile phones

Top 5 Types of Sideloaded Apps and the Risks They Pose

It seems there are endless ways in which your mobile device can be attacked. With scary mental images of devious hackers chipping away at our mobile device’s security, it’s easy…

Mobile Threat Landscape 2019

Data leaks certainly don’t get as much attention as threats like malware and phishing but a leaking app is one of the most common mobile security risks users will face. The Mobile Threat Landscape Report 2019 dives into data leaks and how IT and Security professionals can improve their security posture.

Customer success stories

“It’s good to see that Wandera is blocking threats. For example, there have been nearly 8,000 medium severity events blocked in a month which we may not have been aware of before. It’s good to know that we are being protected from various phishing attacks, malware infections and risky apps that can make their way onto devices.”

The solution

Most mobile solutions only provide cyber threat detection at the endpoint. We go beyond with a multi-level approach offering dynamic security in the network, stopping attacks at source like zero-day phishing, and preventing rogue access to corporate cloud applications. Threat Intelligence is powered by MI:RIAM, the world’s leading machine learning for mobile risk.

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