Mobile Phishing Report 2018

Mobile phishing is now the number one threat affecting organizations worldwide. This whitepaper will look at the evolution of mobile phishing – examining why and how people get phished. It will explore the prevalence and severity of enterprise phishing techniques, providing actionable advice for how best to protect your mobile device fleet.

What you’ll learn from the report:

  • How employees are getting phished
  • What the latest mobile phishing trends are including brands, keywords, misspellings, https phishing and bypassing 2fa
  • How to protection your organization against mobile phishing


Several decades ago when the public took to the web in their masses to experience the benefits of interconnectedness, cyber attacks were practically unheard of. However, things soon changed. Early adopters of the web quickly realized that the online world could give them something that was more difficult to find offline: anonymity. While in many aspects this was viewed as a positive thing, a handful of users took a more cynical approach. Individuals learned that through employing some relatively simple techniques, it was possible to impersonate third parties, gather intelligence and earn a sizeable sum in the process. Internet phishing was born. Fast forward to 2018 and phishing attacks have evolved beyond all recognition.

Phishing is not only regular, but it’s also the most damaging and high profile cybersecurity threat facing enterprises today – supported by research from Google, Black Hat and US Homeland Security. But just how prevalent is mobile phishing? And what techniques are attackers employing to get their hands on your data? This report aims to answer these questions as it delves deeper into the current mobile threat landscape, examining the sophisticated attack techniques targeting businesses across the globe.

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