A guide to managing LTE data usage on Windows 10 devices

This guide discusses the options open to the enterprise in enabling remote LTE-powered working for Windows 10 devices.

There is a growing trend inside the modern enterprise to equip workers with devices that combine the benefits of Windows 10 processing power and productivity tools with the always-on connectivity of LTE devices. These solutions – such as dongles, tethering and laptops with embedded SIMs – pose new challenges for the enterprise; none more so than the mounting data costs these devices consume.

Wandera research shows that even half a day of remote working on LTE connections will cost almost $40 per user, posing a significant accumulated cost to the business. Innovative organizations are adopting new tools to set policies that carefully manage the consumption of data when connected to metered networks. For years, mobility has been at the forefront of IT innovation. It’s developed quickly and unpredictably, as the latest handsets and the best practices to manage them continue to evolve. As we look towards 2019, the twin worlds of mobility and desktop are starting to blend irreversibly. Form factors have begun to converge, with ever-larger and more powerful phones starting to blend into the desktop category, which has conversely seen the release of ever-smaller and more nimble machines. The newest devices are starting to look remarkably similar as well, with Microsoft, Apple and Google’s flagship products almost impossible to distinguish.

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