Mobile Data Policy

Flexible management of employee mobile usage risks

Be confident in the way your corporate devices are used. Enforce acceptable use, eliminate shadow IT and prevent excessive data usage.

Free your employees to stay productive.

Acceptable use

Mobile devices give employees a world of freedom to access any site, anywhere, at any time. That might also mean accessing the wrong sites, in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Mobile Data Policy allows you to set intelligent rules about which behaviors and sites are considered acceptable, and gives you the power to enforce them. Wandera helps you ensure usage is compliant, and reduces legal exposure from illegal or unacceptable use.

Shadow IT

Applications have moved to the cloud, and data has moved to the cloud storage providers. Ensuring sensitive corporate data isn’t exposed on personally enabled cloud apps is a big challenge in mobility. We can enforce your policy such that only sanctioned tools are used for company business, providing you with full confidence on where your data is stored and ensuring compliance with GDPR and other regulations for specific industries.

Excessive data usage

The increasing popularity of services like YouTube and Netflix mean that data pools are being drained much faster. Corporate mobile devices provide the freedom to work any time, anywhere. But even on personally enabled devices, non-business-related activities shouldn’t drain your data plan. Wandera helps you set intelligent rules for data usage (including streaming and roaming), ensuring that you are in control, usage is appropriate, and that you are avoiding unexpected overages.

Capping and alerts

Create custom caps when certain data usage thresholds are reached. Set fully customizable real-time alerts and notifications to all users and admins in your organization.


Attack growing data consumption in a more subtle way. Cut usage by more than 10% by compressing data in real time, without degrading productivity or performance.


Overseas work is common among most organizations, but it can lead to costly roaming fees. Create and enforce policies that manage usage, based on location.

Real-time insights

Our admin portal, RADAR, gives you insight into your mobile usage and brings real-time analytics to your organization – enabling you to make meaningful changes to your policies based on the trends you identify. The solution has been designed to provide every possible safeguard for your users’ privacy.

  • Usage analytics by hour
  • Granular reporting including on web apps
  • Gain insights into Shadow IT
  • Domestic, roaming, and Wi-Fi policies
  • Customizable alerts and notifications

Define and limit non-business use

We understand that every organization will have its own preferences over acceptable use. That’s why we’ve built tools that can restrict access to entire categories, such as gambling, or for specific domains, meaning you can define and limit non-business usage on your own terms.

You’ll be able to categorize internet activity, control roaming and tethering on the endpoint and see what apps are installed—as well as how much data everything uses, while staying fully GDPR compliant.

Fully customizable

Create policies that apply to different groups in different circumstances, and switch devices from one setting to another with ease. You can even apply policy for different device types or geographies.

Global enterprises applying policy with Wandera

Millions of gigabytes of mobile data are managed, capped and filtered.

How it works

When a device connects to the internet, our cloud gateway serves as a filter, applying your chosen corporate mobile data policy. Intelligent vectoring means that there’s no need for VPNs and there’s no impact on device performance.

Your admins can then get insights and analytics into the usage of your devices including which sites and apps are being accessed. Furthermore, the cloud gateway ensures connections can be blocked in real-time – for example, blocking inappropriate content. Meanwhile user privacy is safeguarded by ensuring the content is not decrypted and anonymizing any reports.

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