What does she do?

Powered by 2 billion daily inputs from millions of mobile devices, MIRIAM continuously analyzes these vast feeds of information to detect and respond to new insights.

Zero day detection
Possesses an unmatched ability to identify previously undiscovered threats, exposing new leaks, risks and vulnerabilities

Discovers malware variants
Locates new instances of malware before they even reach the device, blocking them prior to executing.

Data pool optimization
Trawls through the vast archives of policy configurations to tweak, adjust and optimize user profiles on the fly.

Impact Assessments
Uncovers malicious infrastructures as well as conducting analysis of potentially problematic regions or into the extent of breached devices.

Instant reactions
Makes informed, intelligent decisions about the security events she encounters, responding by blocking, filtering and altering in a heartbeat.

Anomaly identification
Constantly trained on the standard operating procedure of a given device to identify when the device itself is engaging in odd or anomalous behaviour.

How she works?

MI:RIAM not only has access to more data inputs than any other mobile intelligence, but is able to view it from multiple angles, granting her an unusually transparent perspective on mobile data that would simply not be possible with other technologies.

She works by continually analyzing the world’s biggest and most varied mobile dataset, and is powered by a sophisticated blend of machine learning technologies.


Two Billion inputs








Mobile Intelligence

Decision trees
Behavioral analysis
Neural networks
Automated machine learning
Signature scanning
Support vector machine
Outlier detection
Predictive analytics
Markov models
Content classification