Industry collaboration is so important when it comes to cybersecurity. Hackers are forever finding new ways to get into systems and exploit software vulnerabilities. It’s promising to see the best cybersecurity professionals working together, forming alliances and sharing intelligence to keep ahead of the threats.

Wandera is now proud to be part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to help organizations understand and defend against increasingly sophisticated and fast-moving threats.

Wandera’s machine intelligence engine MI:RIAM processes billions of daily data inputs from the corporate mobile devices of more than 1,000 enterprise customers to protect them from known zero-day mobile threats. This technology works at break-neck speed to uncover threats like phishing, malware, data leaks and unusual patterns in data consumption, resulting in a dynamic and proprietary mobile threat intelligence.
Wandera’s mobile intelligence will be shared with Microsoft to increase customer protection in an area of IT that is quickly becoming the biggest risk – mobile.

It’s important for industry leaders to take a unified approach to beating cybercrime, that’s why we are proud to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. We’re excited to continue collaborating with our peers and members of the community to solve the biggest challenges facing security teams today.Michael Covington, VP of Product at Wandera

Mobile is an area of IT security that is becoming increasingly important to our customers so we’re excited to have Wandera join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and expand our threat intelligence to cover the unique and complex needs of mobile.Ryan McGee, Director, Microsoft Security Marketing at Microsoft Corp.

Joining the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association is just one of the ways Wandera is offering Microsoft customers more. This year at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Wandera’s VP of Product Michael Covington is delivering a talk on the use of eSIM in the enterprise alongside spokespeople from Microsoft, IDEMIA and C Spire.
Wandera also announced just last week a new collaboration with Microsoft as the primary vendor to bring mobile policy and cost control for Windows 10 devices; including SIM-enabled laptops and tablets. Wandera’s Exten solution provides visibility and control of data usage across all metered cellular connections – be it LTE, 4G or via MiFi – as well as public and private Wi-Fi.
For more information on the Microsoft intelligent Security Association visit:
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