An introduction to machine learning for mobile security

A close inspection of one of the most exciting and promising fields of research in 2017, and how it might be applied to the fast-moving world of mobile security.

What you’ll learn from the report:

  • what exactly is machine learning and how its application
  • the different types of machine learning
  • how machine learning is used in mobile security
  • how your organisation can take advantage


In November 2016, Google Translate switched from a conventional translation engine to one powered by artificial intelligence. Within hours, users had noticed dramatically improved results, offering translations within touching distance of natural human language. In a similar stroke, at Wandera we’ve just announced the launch of MI:RIAM, our own machine learning technology.

MI:RIAM has been integrated into Wandera’s solution, helping power our security and data management offerings and surfacing insights at a speed and scale never seen before in mobile. Yet this is a field full of confusing terminology and can often feel like a mysterious black box of magic, rather than the robust mathematical science it really is.

This white paper aims to cast a brighter light on this exciting area of research. Read on to learn about what machine learning is and how it can be applied to real world problems, before discovering the many reasons it makes for an ideal technology for the explosive world of mobile security.

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