Over the past few months I’ve been having a countless number of interesting conversations with some of the country’s top entrepreneurs and leading CIOs. Having departed BT earlier this year, I’ve been spending an increasing amount of my time exploring new, innovative ideas in the technology space. Sometimes during these discussions, I come across something special. Something that stands out among the rest.

When I met the founders at Wandera, I knew this was one of those moments. If you’re not familiar with the company, it’s run by brothers Eldar and Roy Tuvey, who were the pair behind ScanSafe – the successful cybersecurity firm acquired by Cisco in 2009.
Now with Wandera they’re back, and this time they’re taking on the world of mobile security. I have been so impressed with what I’ve been hearing and seeing at Wandera that I’ve decided to join them. Earlier today it was announced that I will be working closely with Wandera’s leadership team, acting as a Strategic Advisor and hopefully adding some of my experience and expertise in helping the company achieve its ambitious goals.
It’s an incredibly exciting time to be entering the mobile security industry, which Gartner estimates is a segment that’s doubling in size every year, and that will shortly be adopted by over 30% of enterprises. Wandera has emerged as the market leader, and I’m eager to help the company continue to expand its footprint.

Why have I chosen Wandera?

It’s no secret that mobile has truly transformed the way in which we communicate and stay connected, but the same is true for businesses too. Mobility has been nothing short of a revolution in how modern organisations operate. Sadly this meteoric rise has also attracted attackers, and the mobile threat landscape has been evolving at an alarming rate. This is what makes mobile security so relevant right now.
There were a few things that attracted me to Wandera in particular. Firstly, as someone who has spent my entire career pioneering innovative projects, I can see that the technologies being developed at Wandera are remarkable. That includes a unique gateway architecture, allowing threats to be identified and intercepted before they even reach devices – this is something I’ve never seen before, and don’t believe any other company has managed to replicate.
Secondly, its technology is powered by what it calls MI:RIAM, a security engine that makes use of machine learning and other data science techniques. It’s fast becoming conventional wisdom that AI is transforming almost every sector, and security is no different. Technologies like M:RIAM will be critical in keeping businesses secure as threat vectors grow more sophisticated.
While Wandera has headquarters in both San Francisco and London, its origins are in the UK. The British technology startup scene is booming, and Wandera is right at the forefront. Its series C financing earlier this year took total funding to date beyond $50m. I’m proud to be part of one of the country’s emerging success stories, and to be working in one of the most promising sectors in the economy.
In fact, everywhere I look at Wandera, I find something I like. For me, it was an easy decision to jump on board, and I’m eager to start working with the team. Having spent lots of time with the Wandera leadership already, I can tell we will make some fantastic progress together over the coming years. For now, my suggestion for you is simple: watch this space.
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