What is LEVELx?

LEVELx is basically the showcase event for those interested in that sweet spot between mobility and security. The big one is held all the way in
London, UK, but we’re saving you the trouble and bringing the best of LEVEL into an entertaining and condensed morning session.


Why attend?

The latest thinking

Get insights and thought leadership from experts in the field

Community wisdom

Exchange ideas with other mobility and security leaders in your city

Real stories

Discover how big name brand are approaching mobility

Real hacks

Our white-hat hacker will expose the latest hacks that employees fall victim to

Be the best

Get ahead of the pack with best practices for managing a mobile fleet

Extra perks

Free breakfast, snacks, parking and gift bags



  • Unlimited admission for customers and company representatives
  • Customer invite and dedicated registration link
  • Promotion across social media and email
  • Complimentary breakfast, parking and gift bags for your team and customers


  • Seller incentive program for customer invites
  • Speaking spot to attendees (5-15 min)
  • Giveaways added to delegate swag bag
  • Pre-event team training