Keeping up with technology can feel like an arduous task, the recommended platform/standard/specification seems to change all the time. In reality technology trends move very slowly. So how do you know if it is the right time to adopt a new technology?

The original ¼ inch switchboard headphone jack dates back to 1878 and remained in common use until the 1960’s when Sony popularized the 3.5mm jack many of us are familiar with. In 2017, when Apple announced that it was removing the headphone jack entirely from the iPhone 7 the world couldn’t believe it, how could we imagine a phone without a headphone jack?

Today, wireless headphones are the norm, last year alone Apple netted a cool $6 billion with their AirPod product. Do we have to wait 140 years until we are ready to adopt the next remote access technology to replace VPN?

The fact is that VPN is a very old technology, even the modern incarnation is over 20 years old. The original documentation that today’s standards are based on includes notes and support for obsolete networking standards like AppleTalk and IPX which were introduced in the early ‘80s. The world is a very different place from when those standards were incepted, even forward thinking technologists had no idea how widespread smartphones or cloud computing would become.

The concept of using a technology that was designed to connect dial-up modems via a point-to-point network to enable a mobile device streaming data over a 5G network from data centres all over the world is laughable. Enabling users with VPN for remote access is like giving a racing car driver a Ford Model-T and entering them into Le Mans. They could be the most talented driver on the track, but if they aren’t set up to win they don’t stand a chance. The time is right to embrace a new remote access technology.

Wandera has designed a new remote access solution from the ground up, utilizing the latest Zero Trust Network Access principles including:

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