There’s a simple way to ensure the new auto app updates don’t become a drag on your data plan.

Apple’s iOS 7 is coming to the iPhone this Fall and one of the new features that many are looking forward to (including John McCain who tweeted his thanks to Tim Cook) is the automatic app updates.
While this is a handy new feature from Apple, the impact it could have on iOS data usage is concerning.

Apple already allows the option to turn off certain functions to save on cellular data. For instance you can switch off automatic downloads when you purchase apps, music and books. However it seems that many may not be using this existing off switch and are updating apps using their 3G/4G connection, at least in the corporate setting. Our data shows that across our network, downloads and app updates already account for a significant chunk of cellular data drain, so automatic app updates are likely to be an added burden on the company data pool.
Don’t panic, based on the beta of iOS 7, the latest update from Apple will have the same on/off function for automatic downloads, along with the new option to disable automatic app updates.
Here’s how to disable automatic app updates on iOS 7 to conserve cellular data. You can follow the same steps for the currently available version of iOS to disable automatic downloads:
Navigate to Settings and press on iTunes & App Stores.

iPhone Settings - Apps & iTunes
Green means automatic app updates are on.

iPhone Settings - Updates
Set the Updates switch to off to conserve cellular data.

iPhone Settings - Updates Off
Of course, switching off automatic updates does require action from your staff and can be difficult to enforce. What are your thoughts on the latest iOS 7 features?
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