Apple has made plenty of changes for iOS 13: improved privacy, new security settings and the highly anticipated ‘dark mode’, to name a few.

One change that may have slipped under the radar, however, is the ‘Option to download large apps over mobile data’.

Much to the annoyance of iPhone users, previous OS versions enforced a 200MB cap on downloads from the App Store over a cellular network – a cap that could not be overridden.

With iOS 13, this limit has been lifted so that apps, regardless of size, can be downloaded.

iOS 13 allows for certain provisions to be put in place so that users are at least notified before downloading large apps. In the settings, users have a choice to ‘Always Allow’, ‘Ask If Over 200 MB’ and ‘Ask First’. This will help users be more aware about large downloads.

Why is this a problem for companies?

Just looking at some of the most popular apps in the App Store, it’s not difficult to see how mobile users can eat through their data allowances:

  • Rome: Total War – 3.9 GB
  • NBA 2K20 – 3.2 GB
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – 2..1 GB
  • Football Manager 2019 Mobile – 1.5 GB
  • The Chase: Ultimate Edition – 768.9 MB

Organizations need to consider solutions that eliminate unexpected spend on data-hungry applications, especially if that data usage is not business-critical. With a lack of control in place, it would be very easy to encounter bill shock if protective measures aren’t in place for end users.