We’re excited to share that Wandera has been named a Leader in Mobile Threat Management by the IDC for the third consecutive year. The MarketScape research report analyzes and rates vendors across a broad range of capability- and strategy-focused criteria.

“Mobile threat management (MTM) technology is evolving from a corner case/niche product deployed mainly by government and high-security/regulated industries into a more mainstream, widely adopted security technology in the enterprise.”

The report highlights Wandera’s network-based policy controls as a differentiator from many MTM competitors, allowing the company to provide a suite of complementary services ranging from threat defense, data policy , and secure remote access control through its globally distributed cloud infrastructure.

The report also highlights Wandera’s standalone remote access offering, Wandera Private Access, which offers app-based remote access VPN, app masking, and split-tunneling capabilities for connected endpoints. These capabilities can be deployed as part of a broader Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) strategy.

“In addition to the core MTM solution, Wandera offers complementary technologies in mobile remote access management, mobile data usage monitoring and policy enforcement, and cloud app-based access control. Features of remote access include centralized access control polices and sign-on for cloud-based corporate applications (such as resources hosted in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or SaaS apps).”

In reference to larger security architectures based on technologies such as continuous authentication and software-defined perimeter/zero trust, the report states:

“These elements of mobile security are especially important in light of the current COVID-19 situation, which has more workers connecting from personal/non-corporate devices. At the same time, attackers are increasingly targeting work-from-home enterprise employees.”

Wandera’s portfolio of cloud-delivered security services allows the company to offer a broad set of policy enforcement options that address security, acceptable use and secure access for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10 devices. This means one solution can be deployed to cover both PC/tablet and smartphone deployments.

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