Today, IBM® MaaS360® with Watson™ and Wandera have announced a new partnership that significantly strengthens the way businesses secure and manage their mobile fleets. Our partnership is based on a shared mission to secure enterprise mobility and is enabled by a deep technical integration between IBM Security’s unified endpoint management (UEM) solution and Wandera’s leading mobile threat defense platform. At a time when UEM is increasingly important to businesses undergoing digital transformation, this collaboration delivers our joint customers a comprehensive, integrated and mobile-first security solution spanning endpoint and network.

Empowering employees with mobility

Mobility is an incredible enabler for business. It provides connectivity to employees anywhere they need to work, and at any time of day. That connectivity brings with it unobstructed access to customer, employee and product information, empowering employees to do business whenever they please.
But mobility breaks the IT mold and introduces a set of technologies which most organizations are unprepared to manage. Consumer-oriented devices, revolutionary app distribution models and unchecked network connectivity collectively makes mobility a challenge to adopt. Enabling sensitive business information to leave the protection of the corporate perimeter has security teams questioning whether mobility is worth the risk.

Mobility and its associated risks can be effectively managed

Since businesses forged ahead and embraced mobility, two management paradigms have emerged offering very different approaches to supporting this new mobile workforce. IBM championed AI and contextual analytics, infusing these types of capabilities into its platform, as it focused on building MaaS360 into a leader within the UEM segment. Wandera, on the other hand, pursued a network-oriented approach with a globally distributed gateway that manages organizational risk via policy controls on mobile traffic and AI-powered threat defense.
For years, these two models for endpoint and mobility management have matured in parallel, with each developing a rich set of features and a diverse ecosystem of partners. Wandera and MaaS360 seized the opportunity early on to build product integrations that enabled joint customers to streamline deployments and have a more seamless management experience, from improved lifecycle management to unified policy actions.

The customer is always right

MaaS360 and Wandera have been independently successful, with both companies identified as leaders in their respective segments. IBM was recently positioned as a Leader in the first-ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for UEM and the 2018 Forrester Wave for UEM, and Wandera similarly in IDC’s MarketScape and Gartner’s Market Guide to Mobile Threat Defense. As customers adopted these solutions, separately, and evolved their own mobility management practices, a consistent request emerged from the market: customers want both broad device support, rich network security and policy capabilities, all together, delivered through a unified management experience.
It was this market sentiment that led IBM to expand its endpoint support within MaaS360, recently adding identity and access management (IAM) and other innovative capabilities. Likewise, similar customer requests led to Wandera’s development of a mobile-first content filtering capability and, subsequently, the launch of Exten, the world’s first data management solution for Windows 10.

Greater than the sum of its parts

It was with this backdrop that our companies have come together to partner, formally, on delivering the unified endpoint and network management experience that the market was lacking. MaaS360 will now offer Wandera’s mobile security and policy suite to customers, and Wandera will integrate across the IBM Security portfolio, expanding on the capabilities already present in MaaS360 and QRadar. The result: End-to-end visibility and control, from the device to the network, for any mobile device under management within an organization, including LTE connected laptops. This leads to empowered admins and productive end users, which is a win-win scenario for any business.

IBM® MaaS360® with Watson™ + Wandera: a seamless partnership and a winning proposition for customers

We did not arrive here by chance and the journey was certainly not rushed. This partnership resulted from a cascading series of events, starting with customer demand and ending with a rigorous process to pick the best. Three things are absolutely clear: in customer engagements there is a strong demand for a unified solution that manages both mobile endpoint and network; partners want to deliver a mobility management experience that is truly end-to-end; and security professionals believe that defense in depth is the most secure way to protect IT investments, whether in the data center or on the road.
As we embark on this next level of partnership, customers can expect to get even more from the joint solution. We are excited about sharing threat intelligence between IBM X-Force and Wandera, allowing customers to have a more comprehensive and consistent view of the threat landscape and its impact on their businesses. In a romantic twist we also foresee signs of a match made in heaven between Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence service, and MI:RIAM, Wandera’s real-time intelligence and analytics engine.
We are truly excited about what this partnership means for our valued customers, and the security benefits it will bring to the mobility ecosystem.
To learn more, listen to our joint webinar on-demand here.
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