Mobile security and policy

Wandera + IBM MaaS360 Partnership

What do you get when you combine a leading enterprise mobility platform with a pioneering gateway for mobile security and data management?

Unparalleled visibility across your mobile estate.

Wandera works seamlessly with IBM MaaS360, integrating the strengths of multi-level visibility and zero day mobile threat detection with an advanced set of tools to manage mobile devices.

IBM Sellers can now sell Wandera alongside Maas360 and retire sales quota!

The solution

IBM has integrated Wandera’s powerful cloud gateway alongside its MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform to provide organizations with complete visibility and control across their mobile estate. This combination allows users to identify risks and defend against threats in real-time, while also applying proactive policy to usage. The joint solution supports iOS, Android and Windows 10, and deploying via MaaS360 is quick and easy.

How it works

Wandera Mobile Security & Policy by IBM MaaS360 combines on device detection through an app, with a cloud gateway to provide defense-in-depth real time protection for your mobile traffic.

Defend against threats

  • Detect the threat: using real-time behavioral analysis powered by Wandera’s threat intelligence engine, even zero-day threats are identified on infected devices.
  • Prevent the attack: with access to the network itself, threats like phishing attempts and malware are intercepted before they even reach the target.
  • Contain the damage: if a device is compromised, attackers are blocked from exerting remote control and exfiltrating data, and MaaS360 can automate your remediation actions.

Manage your mobile data

  • Analyze usage: get detailed reports on data usage showing device, group, usage categories, tethering, roaming, usage per app/site, cellular vs. WiFi and more.
  • Control data costs: use flexible filtering, capping, alerting and compression to eliminate bill shock, save up to 30% of your data and keep your next data bill predictable.
  • Apply web filtering: enforce web filtering policies and apply remediation to restrict inappropriate, illegal, risky or unapproved content. Comply with vital regulations such as GDPR.

Working with Wandera

We are a partner-centric organization and will closely work with you to support you and your customers’ requirements and needs.


Any MaaS360 customer with corporate owned iOS & Android devices is a great potential prospect. We tend to see two different underlying drivers for Wandera projects:

1) security conscious customers looking for increased security against mobile threats; and

2) cost conscious customers looking to apply data policies to reduce the growing costs of carrier bills and control data usage


Deal registration is encouraged but not required. A registered deal will alert your Wandera representative so they can contact you and offer support.

Wandera reps are available to present the solution and deliver a demo either online or face to face for larger customers.


Your dedicated Wandera representative will offer any other assistance you might require to support the sales process, e.g. proof of concepts, phishing demos, ROI analysis and customized customer presentations.

Wandera SKUs are available on the IBM price book. Please contact your internal sales manager for detailed pricing information.

Got a lead?

Let us know about a customer you think might benefit from Wandera’s Mobile Security & Policy. We will always contact you before any engagement with the customer.

Conversation Starters

Why not warm up your customer with our mobile phishing report or initiate a conversation with our sales email template.

Product Resources

Share the Mobile Security & Policy datasheet with your customers. Download the sales presentation from the Software Sellers Workplace.

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Trusted by thousands of global enterprises, discover how international companies secure their mobile workforce with Wandera.

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How do I register a lead?

Complete this form to register your lead. A Wandera representative will reach out in one business day to discuss the opportunity and plan next steps.

Qualifying customers

What devices does Wandera support?

Wandera is compatible with iOS, Samsung Android, Windows 10 and in MTD with all other Android devices too.

Is there a minimum device count for Wandera’s solution?

Yes, 10 licences

Can you help my customer with data overages?

Yes, the integration with MaaS360 enables administrators to restrict end user activity across web domains, URLs and applications. Additionally, they can set up filters to block access to riskier content, such as adult or gambling sites, and prevent connections to untrustworthy domains as and when required.

Can you help my customer with mobile security?

Yes, Wandera’s multi-level architecture, which includes a pioneering cloud gateway for mobile, offers unrivalled visibility and control to ensure compliance across the mobile fleet.

Can you help my customer with setting acceptable use policy?

Yes, the on-device app integration with MaaS360 enables administrators to restrict end user activity across web domains, URLs and applications. Additionally, they can set up filters to block access to riskier content, such as adult or gambling sites, and prevent connections to untrustworthy domains as and when they are discovered.

Product inquiries

How is Wandera deployed to devices?

Wandera can be deployed without an EMM, but customers already using IBM MaaS360 can benefit from instant and seamless deployment over the air.

Does Wandera control voice traffic?

No, Wandera is designed to manage mobile data over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Where is my customer’s data stored?

Data is stored in Ireland, within the EU and is fully compliant with data laws and GDPR.

How long is my customer’s data stored for?

Data is stored for 12 months.

Does my customer need any additional hardware or software?

Wandera is a cloud solution and does not require additional hardware or software.

Does Wandera support multiple data plans for one customer?


Is Wandera carrier agnostic?


Will Wandera slow down my internet access?

No, Wandera does not introduce any latency.

Does Wandera drain the device battery?

No, less than 1% of the battery power is used by devices using Wandera.

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