Enterprise mobility is a beautiful thing. It helps businesses evolve and adapt, while protecting the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere from in the world, at anytime.
We’re always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experience of mobile working. Making tangible changes to the platform, so organizations can better protect and manage corporate data use, however their devices are configured.
That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended our extensive EMM Connect service to include a deeper integration with IBM MaaS360 – providing a number of benefits to our enterprise customers across the globe.
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Wandera + Maas360, stronger together
IBM Maas360 customers who don’t already use Wandera may be wondering a deeper integration is necessary. Maas360 is a comprehensive solution that can provide advanced mobility management a fleet, right?
Although this is true, Wandera and IBM Maas360 are solutions to different mobility challenges, and can be used in harmony to securely manage device fleets.
MaaS360 operates on the device and through the application infrastructure while Wandera functions through its unique web gateway for mobile architecture, providing complete visibility into all mobile traffic.
At a glance
Short for time? Here are the enhancements you can expect if you’re a Maas360 using Wandera:

  • Faster, slicker Android deployments


  • Improved mobile data controls
  • Deeper app-based risk assessments
  • Stronger device lifecycle management

A detailed look at deeper integrations
1) Faster, slicker Android Deployments
At Wandera we believe in a simple truth: no matter how brilliant a new product is, if it’s difficult to get up and running, you won’t use it. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly since our conception to bring you the fastest and most seamless deployment processes possible.
By leveraging Wandera’s Auto Discovery activation method, together with EMM Connect, enrolling Android devices is made easier than ever for MaaS360 users. Users are able to simply add any Android devices to a Wandera provisioning group in MaaS360, and deploy the Wandera app to those same devices.
On the next sync, EMM Connect will automatically create the device within RADAR, and the Wandera app is ready for the AutoDiscovery enrollment process.
2) Improved mobile data controls
EMM Connect enables Wandera to block all roaming data and disable tethering on iOS devices based upon usage policies set in RADAR, allowing organizations to create more customizable policy across their fleet.
This unique capability helps prevent bill shock in a manner that is more flexible than disabling these capabilities at all times.
3) Deeper app-based risk assessments
The integration between Wandera and MaaS360 enables MI:RIAM, Wandera’s mobile intelligence engine, to see a full list of applications installed across both iOS and Android devices. This allows administrators to assess the risk that installed applications present to the organization in a more powerful way.
4) Stronger device lifecycle management
Wandera’s device lifecycle management capabilities allow administrators to perform routine tasks all from one place: the MaaS360 console.
Device additions, modifications, and deletions need to only be performed within MaaS360, with the changes synced automatically to Wandera through the EMM Connect integration.
Keen to learn more about Wandera + Maas360?

The integration with IBM MaaS360 is available to all Wandera customers.
To find out more, get in contact with your Wandera or IBM account manager, or request a demonstration.
If you’re not already a Wandera customer but you’d like to find out more about the integration, get in touch with one of our mobility experts today.