Mobile app

It starts with an application installed on employee devices. This app can be deployed across thousands of devices at once via email, or more commonly, using an EMM tool.

The app is designed to scan for security threats and vulnerabilities, giving admins visibility of the device status and protecting against attacks.

It shows employees the latest security alerts and information about their device, plus gives them an overview of which services they’re spending their mobile data on. There’s also the option for IT admins to send out usage or security notifications directly to employee devices.

Mobile gateway

Every single employee will use their device to connect to the internet. When that happens, the data passes through Wandera’s gateway before reaching the intended destination. The gateway operates in the pathway of the data flowing into and out of every device, for cellular connections like 4G, and also when devices are connected to WiFi.

It does this through intelligent vectoring techniques, meaning no need for VPNs and all data remains encrypted – with no latency or impact upon battery performance.

IT admins can then get full visibility of which devices are accessing which services, where they are, and when they’re being used. This means they can see that an optionally-anonymized employee is using 40MB on Skype while roaming in Egypt, but not who they’re speaking to or what’s being shared.

This gateway also means that connections can be blocked as they happen – preventing access to adult content, stopping a phishing attack or repelling a malware download before it even reaches the device.

All the data that passes through the gateway is analyzed by Wandera’s intelligence engine, MI:RIAM. Using a variety of machine learning technologies, MI:RIAM detects unusual activity and spots undiscovered attacks as they emerge.

Admin portal

The RADAR portal is the place for admins to get full visibility and control of their organization’s mobile fleet. Accessed through a web browser, it features a variety of different reports showcasing security and usage information, with every dashboard being updated in real-time.

It’s also where admins can configure and enroll new devices, and get instant alerts for new security incidents.

Other features include the ability to customize notifications to employees or to the inboxes of mobility leaders, plus extensive controls for setting acceptable usage policies, expense caps and even integrations with EMM and SIEM platforms.


Wandera is designed to work seamlessly with whatever mobility technology stack you use in your organization. That includes a wide range of different devices and operating systems, as well as a powerful array of different integrations with EMM tools. You can also extend your mobile security policy by exporting directly into your preferred SIEM platform by using Wandera’s integration with SIEM tools.

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