A guide to cybersecurity for employees

Everybody has a part to play in keeping sensitive information safe from hackers. If you’re looking for ways to increase cybersecurity awareness within your organization, we have something you can share.

End users are often the weakest link in your organization’s security chain. Especially when it comes to mobile devices. Whether you adopt a BYOD or COPE model, end users’ actions and habits on mobile could be the last thing standing between hackers and your sensitive data. That’s why we have developed this Employee Protection pack, to encourage everyone to play their part in keeping data safe from hackers.

Our Employee Protection Pack provides guidance on how end users can spot, treat and prevent the following attacks:

  • phishing
  • man-in-the-middle
  • malware
  • cryptojacking

Help ensure that your end users are aware of the cyber threats on mobile devices and provide a robust first line of defense.

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