In the last year, Wandera has experienced exponential growth in its global network of mobile devices. There has been a particularly drastic increase in large, international organizations managing and protecting their mobile fleets with Wandera.

With this advancement of the customer base, there has come the need to ensure the product continues to fit the needs of global organizations. As you can imagine, these are businesses with offices and admins around the world as well as thousands of devices using Wandera.
This is why today we’re announcing the upcoming release of a new feature, enabling administrators from different countries and therefore, different RADAR accounts, to access and pull reports on the specific devices they require within their vast networks.

Global device search

Global device search is a brand new functionality within RADAR that allows for admins, upon signing into their accounts, to search for any number of devices within their global networks.
This means that regardless of the specific ‘accounts’ they fall under, devices that belong to the same business can be accessed by any admin within the company. These administrators can then search for devices using a number of criteria including:

  • Email
  • Username
  • Device name
  • Phone number
  • UDID
  • Label

Once the relevant devices are selected, the admin can then export information on those specific phones and filter by multiple device attributes including device state, usage or platform.

5 reasons why

As we’ve heard from many of our top customers, the use cases for this new feature are endless. The following are just a few ways global device search can be used to maximize the effectiveness of IT admins within an organization:

  1. To search for a specific set of users in the company and see when their account was last active.
  2. To check the status of all devices tagged with a certain label (and ascertain if Wandera is working effectively on those phones).
  3. To pull a targeted usage report on a list of devices within the organization.
  4. To evaluate what version of the Wandera app is installed on a particular group of devices (and if there are any updates that must be made).
  5. To understand what types of devices certain employees are using, as well as the carrier they are employing.

As we move forward

We’re pleased to let you know that we will continue to evolve our product to meet the needs of our ever-growing customer base.
Look out for more enhancements to RADAR, designed specifically for large international enterprises, coming soon.
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