Four letter words can be emotive. None more so than the fear inducing acronym cluttering inboxes across the globe over the last couple of months, GDPR.
The dust has now settled. The incessant emailing has stopped. Now is the time to get serious and think about what really needs to be done to achieve compliance on mobile devices.
To help organizations develop their mobile GDPR strategy, our team has worked tirelessly creating a feature that can do exactly that. Providing visibility into where their data is being sent, which devices are vulnerable to attack and how best to implement GDPR appropriate policy across their corporate fleet.

Introducing Wandera’s GDPR reports for mobile

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for GDPR, and no such thing as a silver bullet for compliance. However, mobile is a lucrative gateway to the enterprise and it’s important that organizations craft their strategy with mobile devices at the forefront.
With this in mind, we’ve launched two complementary reports aiming to help mobility leaders and compliance teams make sense of the new legislation. Crafted around each policy requirement, the reports provide a unique level of visibility into where the weaknesses lie within the corporate fleet.

GDPR & Compliance Executive Summary

Who is it for?

Those responsible for implementing compliance strategies within an organization – think mobility leaders and data protection officers.

What does it do?

The report provides a high-level analysis of GDPR policy and how it affects mobile. Key insights include:

1. Compromised devices

Threats can develop into fully fledged attacks in a matter of seconds.
The Executive Summary mitigates the risk of a breach by flagging devices that are easy to manipulate. If they are riddled with malware for example, or if they are operating with risky configurations, such as having third-party installs enabled.
To prevent unwanted data it’s crucial that organizations react quickly to emerging threats and this feature enables them to do exactly that.

2. Enrolled devices

“I’ve invested in a mobile security solution, my devices are protected right?” Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.
It only takes one successful attack to cause a large scale breach and enterprises need to be confident that they’ve done everything possible to protect their mobile estate.
This report makes it clear to compliance teams where the weaknesses lie within their fleet by bringing their attention to vulnerabilities, like the devices in their organization that are yet to effectively deploy Wandera.

3. Policy Recommendations

Now it’s time to turn insights into action. The policy recommendations section is an invaluable tool for mobility leaders helping them optimize existing mobile policy, ensuring consistency across the fleet.

GDPR Detailed Report

New GDPR feature.Who is it for?

Wandera admin(s), or those responsible for the day-to-day implementation and maintenance of mobile policy.

What does it do?

The report breaks down the information from the Executive Summary into actionable chunks, helping teams monitor and investigate specific incidents if, and when, they arise.

Why GDPR on mobile matters

a) Mobile is a blind spot for your IT team

The majority of internet traffic is now happening on mobile. As a result, employees regularly access valuable employee and customer data from their smartphones. Most enterprises lack visibility into this traffic and are therefore left in the dark when it comes to understanding what data is being shared, and where it’s being stored.

b) Mobile applications are less secure

A number of factors make mobile devices easier to exploit. From the smaller screen size and on-the-go nature of the platform making it harder to inspect malicious pages – to the lack of privacy and security built into a number of mobile applications. Hackers capitalize on the fact that mobile devices are inherently personal and therefore users are less cautious with the information they give away.

c) Mobile attacks are increasing

Mobile is a lucrative gateway to the enterprise, and attackers now tailor their phishing campaigns and design their malicious software entirely for mobile platforms. Wandera research shows that mobile attacks have exploded over the last few years with a new phishing site being created every 20 seconds, on top of the millions of pages that are already in circulation.

Want to see what the reports look like in action?

Wandera customers can find both these reports by opening up Acceptable Use > GDPR & Compliance > section in Radar.
If you’re not a Wandera customer but would like to learn more about compliance on mobile, get in touch for a no-obligation chat with one of our mobility specialists today.

Learn more about GDPR on mobile

In case you missed it, Wandera’s mobility team created a checklist of considerations for GDPR on mobile back in May. You can download that resource here.
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