Zero Trust protection

  • Wandera provides comprehensive protection for SaaS applications.
  • The end-to-end solution begins with a foundation of trust, verified by Threat Defense, and extends into the network with encrypted app-based micro-tunnels.
  • The moment a threat is detected Wandera breaks the connection, shielding applications.

Optimized experience for SaaS application use

  • Wandera uses dynamic split-tunnel technology to intelligently route traffic from the cloud using the shortest path for each connection.
  • The end user experience is further improved by low-touch authentication, removing the need for cumbersome high friction MFA.

Streamlined controls and compliance reporting

  • Businesses can easily tune identity-centric permissions to determine who can access what, giving users access to the tools they need and hiding everything else.
  • Wandera’s threat intelligence and event reporting can be streamed to any business to simplify monitoring.

Discover Wandera Private Access

The Zero Trust model assumes that threats can come from anywhere, so before any access is granted thorough authentication and verification is completed. Unlike traditional remote access, this includes confirming that devices are secure and contextual factors, such as geolocation, are not risky or suspicious.

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Feature Summary

Enhanced Security

Protect data in real-time

Reduce risk with in-session monitoring and enforcement. Policies respond dynamically to provide protection and event details are immediately available for SecOps to review.

Prevent account takeover

Stop stolen accounts being used to access business data. Lockdown IP addresses to only allow authorized devices connecting over your private Wandera network access.

Enforce risk-based policies

Protect applications with risk-based policies to ensure only trusted users and secured devices can connect, if there is a threat access is denied.

Improved Performance

Boost performance

Enhance performance with optimized DNS, super-fast micro-tunnels & geo-aware routing. Utilize Wandera’s intelligent routing or control traffic by customizing your own pathways.

Enable seamless authentication

Reduce end-user friction by replacing clunky disruptive authentication tools. Wandera’s silent authentication protocols keep users connected without interrupting them.

Unified platform support

Support for all modern operating systems, both fixed and mobile, guarantees consistent policy enforcement and same high-quality user experience on any device.

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