Integrating Wandera’s Threat Event Stream into Workspace ONE Intelligence to centralize security insights and streamline digital workspace management

Operationalizing security intelligence across the entire digital workspace

With each new technology that’s adopted by the enterprise, the security team needs to figure out how to protect it. Recent waves of digital transformation resulted in even more enterprise assets that needed to be protected and niche security tools that needed to be managed.

It is not uncommon for a security operations team to manage a suite of disparate tools that help them to secure different assets within the enterprise. But those same teams find that managing multiple security dashboards is overwhelming and simply not sustainable.

A Forrester survey found that 55% of businesses report having 20 or more tools between security and operations, and 70% of these tools lack full integration. This is reinforced by an IDC survey that found 52% of businesses have difficulty integrating disparate security solutions.

Wandera Threat Events Stream + Workspace ONE Intelligence (1+1=3)

To address this issue, Wandera and VMware Workspace ONE now deliver a comprehensive and modern enterprise security solution that removes security silos and simplifies security across your digital workspace.

Wandera’s integration with Workspace ONE Intelligence enables threat intelligence and security events from Wandera’s service to be consumed by IT teams in a single console and incorporated into a single robust and consistent policy that enhances security across the mobile fleet.

Wandera’s Threat Events Stream is configured to send security events such as phishing blocks or malware detections in real-time to VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence. Workspace ONE Intelligence collects Wandera threat data along with other security product information and provides centralized dashboards, reporting, and response automation.

VMware and Wandera showcased this integration on a customer webinar:

Establishing layered defenses at scale

Effective security is often achieved through a layered defense. This is why Wandera is often layered atop the foundations of a well-managed digital workspace. Robust threat defense, real-time data policy, and zero-trust network access are services that complement the foundations established by an effective management layer.

Wandera and VMware have collaborated for years on integrations that simplify the deployment of endpoint security and management suites, including zero-touch technology that removes the need for end users to hit ‘accept’ or take any actions to enroll protected devices. We have even made sure this integration supports Apple’s Device Enrollment Program which means devices are shipped from Apple factories ready to be managed by VMware Workspace ONE and secured by the Wandera Security Cloud – security right out of the box!

Wandera’s long-standing partnership and integration with VMware has benefited thousands of organizations around the world who strive to manage mobile risks. Wandera was also a founding member of the VMware Mobile Security Alliance, in which industry players share threat intelligence. So this new integration with Workspace ONE Intelligence is a natural evolution of the partnership.

Businesses benefit from the long-standing partnership

“At Campari, we use VMware Workspace ONE for device management and Wandera Data Policy to control our mobile data usage. The Cloud API integration is very simple to configure including the deployment of Wandera’s app and traffic routing profile over-the-air to our mobile endpoints without the need for our end users to install anything. We’ve seen a strong ROI from using the products together due to data cost savings and simple, integrated mobility management”
– Marco Mirelli, Country IT Manager at Campari Group

“We have been using Workspace ONE for many years now to manage our mobile endpoints and are satisfied with its features. However, network threats and malicious applications have always been a worry. With the introduction of Wandera, we took the endpoint security to a whole new level and closed the circle, extending the endpoint security provided by Workspace ONE with network-related risk protection and mobile threats coming from malicious apps, which are ever-increasing in the mobile world”
– Dario Campolo, Global Head of Mobility at CNH Industrial

“Both solutions are great. We were asked by leadership to look at Intune but following a detailed analysis we concluded it doesn’t match what we have with Wandera + Workspace ONE especially regarding remote access to private apps on unmanaged devices, content filtering for managed devices and dynamic app scoring to meet our app vetting process”
– Jim Bryant, MDM Engineer at Santander

“Wandera enables secure Internet access for all of our remote users wherever they connect while we leverage VMware Workspace ONE to manage our endpoints. The two solutions integrate seamlessly via Cloud APIs which means we have all the necessary device, app and traffic controls for secure and cost-effective remote working in one integrated technology stack with shared intelligence and linked policy actions between the two systems”
– Chief Information Security Officer at Pluspetrol

Under the hood: Wandera’s Threat Event Stream

We built APIs to easily integrate Wandera threat intelligence and security event data with other security tools. Wandera customers can now view all of their threat-related events from a single pane of glass – the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence console – and use that centralized view to automate responses and take immediate action when any malicious activity or unwanted behavior is detected.

Visibility across all endpoints is needed to understand patterns across the business to determine if there is a targeted attack or campaign against your organization. Real-time alerts can be streamed to a single dashboard to allow administrators to easily explore incidents.

  • Expand security reporting with mobile device threats to get a full picture of their risk exposure.
  • Enrich threat intelligence with threat events detected by Wandera on devices.
  • Visibility of never before seen threats is provided by MI:RIAM, Wandera’s threat intelligence engine.

Automated policy actions can be dynamically triggered, eliminating the threat, the moment it is detected. The Threat Event Stream can enhance your security posture and help ensure compliance with your business’ policies or industry regulations.

  • Embed Wandera easily into existing SecOps playbooks and workflows.
  • Direct automated actions such as your SIEM or SOAR to protect business data.
  • Configure automated, custom remediation actions with internally developed tools.
  • Customize each threat type’s severity to determine the response action taken.

Read more about the integration on the VMware blog.