Jamf is an industry-leading EMM solution specifically catering to Apple devices. It has become a key player in the mobile device management industry and a popular choice for internal teams when it comes to centrally managing mobile estates at global companies running on Apple.

Wandera has recently emerged as the leading way for these organizations to protect their mobile device fleets at a data level, and to power their Data Management programs.

The difference

Wandera and Jamf are solutions to different mobility challenges, and can each be used to securely manage device fleets. Jamf operates on the device and through the application infrastructure while Wandera functions through its leading web gateway for mobile architecture.

Functionality overview

Jamf | Device Level
Console based fleet management
Wandera | Data level
Web gateway for mobile
Password enforcement
Remote wiping
Asset and inventory information
Device configurations
Deploy and configure mobile apps
App security
Mobile threat defense
Malware protection
Real-time threats
Content filtering
Policy enforcement
Expense management
Mobile data analytics

Better together

Wandera works in tandem with Jamf, integrating the strengths of multi-level visibility with a sophisticated array of tools to control and adjust devices.

With the combined power of both technologies deployment is seamless and new insights on the security and status of every device can be surfaced at the device, application or data level. These insights can then be responded to using the functionality of either platform.

Seamless deployment

Customers of Jamf can effortlessly deploy Wandera across any number of enterprise mobile devices directly from the Intune console, prompting users to install the Wandera profile with just one tap. Once deployed, Wandera and Jamf continue to work together to maintain enterprise mobile security and data management.

Wandera’s EMM Partners

Wandera is integrated with all of our EMM partners shown below. To find out more about how our unique solution works together with your EMM, click on the vendor you use.

To find out more, get in contact with your Wandera or Jamf account manager or request a demonstration below.