Dangers of shadow IT

Data loss

Not having full visibility of where data is stored can lead to data loss and non-compliance with regulations.

Unsecured and unmanaged security

When business units procure and deploy technologies by themselves, it often means that the necessary governance and security are not applied to maintain and secure access.

Unnecessary technology expenses

The likelihood is that there is already a sanctioned service available. Adding another service to an already bloated tech stack creates unnecessary expense.

62% of mobile devices use more than a single cloud and file storage app

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Why Wandera

Get visibility of cloud services being used

Wandera’s gateway collects information on the connections being made by a device, allowing administrators to get full visibility of unsanctioned cloud services being used.

Regain control of your tech

The insights that Wandera is able to provide enables you to develop a SaaS policy that works for IT and business units while providing automated enforcement of policy.

Prevent data loss

Wandera uses machine learning to accurately identify shadow IT, adjust policy accordingly and prevent data from being stored in unsanctioned services.

Simplify your stack

Wandera provides a comprehensive solution for policy, security and access, enabling you to simplify your technology stack as well as your vendor relations.

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“We all need to be vigilant and take steps to protect our organizations. Wandera ticks the security box.”

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Zero trust cloud security for your connected enterprise

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