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Telekom Deutschland GmbH has brought a world of productivity and freedom to the workplace. In recent years, this increase in employee mobility has presented some of the largest IT challenges to your customers. Controlling costs, implementing an acceptable usage policy and keeping devices secure have proved extremely difficult for many mobility leaders. Mobile Datamanagement Pro (MDP) and Security & WLAN, powered by Wandera, confront these challenges head on.

MDP offers real-time analytics and immediate visibility into data usage, allowing admins to set cost-saving data and acceptable use policies.

Manage Data

Set caps to wrestle control of data usage in real-time and optimize your data pool. Create custom notifications when individual thresholds are reached.

Eliminate Roaming

Eliminate unforeseen or otherwise costly roaming fees by creating and enforcing policies that manage usage depending on location.

Define Business Use

Boost productivity and limit personal usage by restricting access to entire categories, such as social media, gambling, or even drill down on specific domains.

Managing data costs on Windows devices

There is a growing trend to equip workers with devices that combine the benefits of Windows 10 processing power and productivity tools with the always-on connectivity of LTE devices.

Dongles, tethering and laptops with embedded SIMs will enable mobility, productivity and connectivity to your customer’s workforce; however new challenges surface. None more so than the mounting data costs these devices consume.

Introducing Exten, the world’s first data management solution for your customers running Windows 10.

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Extend MDP with Security & WLAN

Add Security & WLAN to your customer’s MDP service for mobile threat defense and to extend visibility and policy controls beyond mobile data usage.

Block threats

With access to the network itself, threats like phishing and malware can be intercepted before they even reach the device.

Full visibility

With an uninterrupted view on data use admins gain visibility for all content accessed on any connection – cellular or Wi-Fi.

Complete enforcement

24/7 enforcement of acceptable use and compliance policies via the admin or MDM’s console.

Got a lead?

Let us know about a customer you think might benefit from implementing MDP. We’ll always contact you before any engagement with the customer.

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Working with Wandera

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  • + 25 Devices
  • Phones and tablets from Apple and Samsung Android



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Got a lead?

Let us know about a customer you think might benefit from implementing MDP. We’ll always contact you before any engagement with the customer.


Deal registration

How do I register a lead?

Complete this form to register your lead. Your MDP representative, will reach out in one to two business day(s) to discuss the opportunity and plan next steps.

I’ve submitted a lead, what’s next?

We’ll contact you in one to two business day to assess the situation and coordinate a meeting. If you need to reach someone sooner, you can send us an email at oliver.feiler@wandera2018.wpengine.com. If your request is urgent, please make that indication in your note.

Do I have to register the deal?

Deal registration is encouraged but not required. Sellers will earn a flat margin regardless of if the deal is registered. Registered deals are more likely to be attachment to the data plan after 6 months, which means sellers who register deals have a greater likelihood of earning commission on MDP deals.

Qualifying customers

What devices does MDP support?

MDP is compatible with all iOS and Samsung Android smartphones and tablets.

Is there a minimum device count for the MDP solution?

MDP supports deployments well in excess of 500,000 devices, but is designed to perform at a smaller scale too. The minimum order quantity begins at 25 licences.

Does MDP require an MDM?

No; however, for customers with an MDM platform already in place, MDP supports integrations with all major technologies to make deployment even easier and enable advanced functionality such over-the-air enrolment and EMM policy actions.

Licensing MDP and Security & WLAN

How is MDP and Security & WLAN licensed?

Both MDP and Security & WLAN are licensed per device per month. Billed monthly.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Yes, 12 months.

Is there an installation fee?

No, there are no hidden fees.

Can my customer run an evaluation or proof of concept?

Yes, MDP and Security & WLAN service is available free for 30 days on every licensed device. Register the deal to get more information on free trials.


How is MDP deployed?

The end user device is enrolled standalone through a single end user click via an enrolment email, or alternatively using a third party MDM service that may be licensed by the company, such as MobileIron. This installs the end user application and profile settings as detailed below. Each user is uniquely identified with a User ID at the Device Level.

What MDMs do you integrate with?

MDP integrates with top MDM providers, including MobileIron.

Does MDP deploy silently on any MDMs?

Wandera can be deployed over-the-air through MobileIron Core for iOS devices.

Is any additional hardware or software required for deployment?

No; MDP is a cloud solution and does not require additional hardware or software.

Administrator user experience

What is the MDP RADAR portal?

The MDP RADAR portal is a cloud-based administration portal where authorized admins can add/manage users, configure compression & policy settings and view data usage reports.

What data do administrators have access to?

There are two levels of administrator profile available for customers using MDP. Super Admins have access to every area of the MDP RADAR portal, whilst regular Admins have restricted permissions. By providing these different admin levels organizations can customize access e.g. to restrict admins from accessing per device (or user) reports. The ability to change group memberships, set policies, and view reports is restricted to authorised administrators only.

End-user experience

Does MDP slow down the user’s internet access?

Once MDP is installed, no performance impact is perceived by the end user at all. In fact, due to the compression and acceleration techniques, end users often experience an improved experience.

Does MDP drain the device battery?

No, less than 1% of overall battery life is lost on devices running Wandera.

Data and Privacy

What data does MDP log and store?

Wandera processes web data (http and https) in real-time and certain header information from the web requests is captured and stored. This is limited to the Top Level Domain, Data Transfer Size and User Agent information. Secure traffic such as https is not decrypted and nothing related to the actual web session is gathered (such as text, images or other content).

Where is the service hosted?

MDP is securely hosted in the Open Telecom Cloud (OTC) from Deutsche Telekom in Germany, and therefore compliant to the highest level of data protection and data privacy regulations in Germany and Europe.

How long is my customer’s data stored for?

Data is stored for 12 months, unless otherwise specified.

Does Wandera control voice traffic?

MDP is designed to help customers manage their mobile data usage, not for voice or SMS activity.

What measures have been taken to protect the app?

The MDP app has been designed following several security best practices and development frameworks such as the OWASP Mobile Project. Regular vulnerability tests using private and open-source tools are carried out. The app has been built to be secured and protected while resident on the device and at run-time. Obfuscation, Checksum and Debugger detection are among the techniques used to ensure the app is fully protected.

What data does the app store on the device?

The MDP app stores the Global Unique Identifier (GUID), general device process information and network information. All data stored is encrypted (AES-256) in the MDP app sandbox.

Is this technology a data controller or a data processor?

MDP acts as a data processor. Customers control the personal information that is used in the service, and are as such are the data controllers. MDP holds this data for customers in order to provide functions of the services, such as analytics on data consumption. No Personally identifiable information (PII) is ever passed on to third parties and all PII held by the service is fully anonymized by default.

Is the app installed with device root level or user level?

The Wandera app is installed only on user level as standard app and it does not need enterprise certificates or elevated privileges to run.

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