Digicel has brought a world of productivity and freedom to the workplace. In recent years, this increase in employee mobility has presented some of the largest IT challenges to your customers. Controlling data consumption, preventing roaming overages, implementing an acceptable usage policy, and keeping devices secure have proved extremely difficult for many mobility leaders. Digicel, powered by Wandera, confronts these challenges head on.

Expense Management

Does your customer want to stay on top of rising mobile data costs?

  • Gain real-time visibility of mobile data
  • Optimize usage with flexible policies
  • Eliminate costly roaming overages
  • Use notifications, blocks, caps and compression to control data costs

Conversation Starters

Use our email template and our Guide To Mobile Cost Management to warm up a customer whose data use is on the rise.

Product Resources

Share our expense management datasheet or use our expense management slide deck in your next presentation.

Case Studies

Check out how Permira increased roaming productivity by 275% or share how DLA Piper uses Wandera to save 85% on data.

Mobile Security

Are your customers concerned about security on mobile devices?

  • Protect: Against inbound threats like phishing attacks
  • Detect: Malicious attacks like malware
  • Contain: Threats by blocking command & control

Conversation Starters

Use our email template and Guide to Understanding the Mobile Threat Landscape to warm up a customer who does not have a mobile security solution in place.

Product Resources

Share our Enterprise Mobile Security datasheet with your security conscious customers. Or see what the analysts are saying in the Gartner Market Guide.

Case Studies

Trusted by over 500 global enterprises, discover how global financial services and oil & gas conglomerates secure their mobile workforce with Wandera.

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Managing data costs on Windows devices

There is a growing trend to equip workers with devices that combine the benefits of Windows 10 processing power and productivity tools with the always-on connectivity of LTE devices.

Dongles, tethering and laptops with embedded SIMs will enable mobility, productivity and connectivity to your customer’s workforce; however new challenges surface. None more so than the mounting data costs these devices consume.

Introducing Exten, the world’s first data management solution for your customers running Windows 10.

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Email Templates | Windows 10 guide | Solution brief | PPT slide

How is Wandera different than an EMM

Wandera partners with more than 10 EMMs. These integrations make deployment a breeze and minimize the time required to manage a mobile fleet.

If you or your customers need more information about how Wandera is different than an EMM, use this link.

“The signs are clear that mobile threats can no longer be ignored. Security and risk management leaders must familiarize themselves with mobile threat defense solutions and plan to gradually integrate them to mitigate mobile risk. “

Gartner Market Guide on Mobile Threat Defense 2017 | Share our report  

Got a lead?

Let us know about a customer you think might benefit from implementing Wandera. We’ll always contact you before any engagement with the customer.



How do I register a lead?

Complete this form to register your lead. A Wandera representative will reach out in one business day to discuss the opportunity and plan next steps.

I’ve submitted a lead, what’s next?

We’ll contact you in one business day to discuss the opportunity and discuss next steps. If you need to reach someone sooner, you can send us a note at ATT@wandera2018.wpengine.com. If your request is urgent, please make that indication in your note.

Qualifying customers

What devices does Wandera support?

Wandera is compatible with iOS phones and tablets, Samsung and all versions of Android phones and tablets, and Windows 10 mobile phones.

Is there a minimum device count for Wandera’s solution?

Yes, 25 licences for SMB and 250 for enterprise.

Do you need an EMM to use Wandera?

No; however, Wandera integrates with existing EMM environments.

Can you help my customer with data overages?

Yes, Wandera helps companies better manage and control data costs while providing a measurable return on investment.

Can you help my customer with mobile security?

Yes, Wandera helps organizations maximize their EMM investment while providing the next generation of mobile security coverage.

Working with Wandera

Who is my Wandera representative?

Great question! If you email att@wandera2018.wpengine.com, and the representative assigned to your territory will connect with you.

Do I retire quota on Wandera deals?


What is our margin?

Wandera and AT&T have a standard margin agreement that has already been established with NI.

Can my customer run an evaluation or proof of concept?

Yes, Wandera provides a 30-day free trial.

Is there an installation fee?

No, there are no hidden fees.

How do I get a quote or pricing?

If you have not submitted your lead, register it here and indicate that you want a quote in the notes. If you have submitted the lead, the Wandera representative will work with you on pricing.

How is Wandera licenced?

Wandera is licensed per device per month, billed annually in advance.

Product inquiries

Does Wandera control voice traffic?

No, Wandera manages data over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Does Wandera deploy silently on any EMMs?

Wandera can be deployed over the air through VMware Airwatch and MobileIron Core for iOS devices.

What EMMs do you integrate with?

Wandera integrates with VMware AirWatch, MobileIron, Citrix, Jamf, Maas360, and Intune.

How do you deploy Wandera?

Wandera can either be deployed using the customer’s EMM or from Wandera’s online console, RADAR.

Where is my customer’s data stored?

Data is stored in Dublin, Ireland. The privacy standards are higher in the EU than in the US.

Does my customer need any additional hardware or software?

Wandera is a cloud solution and does not require additional hardware or software.

How long is my customer’s data stored for?

Data is stored for 12 months, unless otherwise specified.

Does my customer need any additional hardware or software?

Wandera is a cloud solution and does not require additional hardware or software.

What is +WiFi and does it cost more?

Wandera’s standard solution helps companies secure and manage their cellular data. +WiFi is a solution for organizations which want visibility, content filtering, and security over WiFI. There is an additional cost associated with this service.

Does Wandera support multiple data plans for one customer?


Is Wandera carrier agnostic?


Will Wandera slow down my internet access?

Latency is not perceivable to the end user.

Does Wandera drain the device battery?

No, less than 1% of overall battery life is lost on devices running Wandera.

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