Acceptable use and shadow IT

In today’s constantly connected workplace, employees can access any site, anywhere, at any time. This can also mean the wrong sites, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Ensure that your remote users only access the sites, applications, and services they’re supposed to, making sure you comply with regulations.

  • Enforce acceptable online behavior with intelligent content filtering rules.
  • Mitigate legal exposure from non-compliant or illicit use.
  • Prevent sensitive corporate data from being exposed on personally enabled cloud apps.
  • Block unsanctioned services via the browser and application.

Excessive data usage

The rise of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are causing data pools to drain rapidly. Corporate devices provide the flexibility to work any time, anywhere. But even on personally enabled devices, non-business activity shouldn’t strain your data plan.

  • Get a firm grip on data consumption with real-time analytics and detailed reporting.
  • Prevent bill shock by capping and limiting non-business data usage.
  • Reduce roaming charges with overseas data management controls.

What's the cost of lost productivity from data misuse?

Download our data usage report to understand how much misused data is costing you in terms of productivity.

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Why Wandera

Apply real-time and consistent web usage policies for your remote users, across any platform.

Capping and alerts

Configure caps for when data usage thresholds are reached. Set up fully customizable, real-time alerts and notifications for all your users and admins.

Content filtering

Set intelligent rules to ensure that only acceptable websites can be reached and that data usage is compliant, reducing legal exposure from illicit or non-compliant use.


Overseas work is more prevalent today than ever, and so are roaming fees. Implement and enforce policies to manage data usage based on location.


Tackle rising data consumption creatively. Cut usage by compressing data in real time, without cutting performance or productivity.

Fully customizable

Set policies that apply to different groups in different circumstances, and switch devices from one policy setting to another with ease. Tailor policies by different device types or geographies.

Any device, any ownership model

Wandera accommodates all mobile and Windows 10 devices, allowing you to work with your preferred model in a way that is best for your business.

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Customer Case Study


“Apps refreshing in the background and people streaming video and sending large attachments over email meant that monthly bills were extremely high. We needed to put something in place to control that excess data consumption.”

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Take control of your data

If you want to get a better handle on your organization’s data consumption and apply policy uniformly, or if you’re just looking for more information on Wandera’s Data Policy solution, get in touch and one of our experts will reach out.