The challenge

Changing technologies can be a major challenge for organisations of any size. With innovations allowing businesses across a wide range of budgets to keep their people in touch over video calls and process high volumes of information on mobile devices, it can be hard to establish policies that keep employees and their mobile usage safe and sound.

Stelrad uses corporate-issued mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Windows 10.

The solution

Stelrad consulted its mobile carrier, BT, which recommended Wandera for its ability to prevent mobile threats and provide mobile insights in real time. An additional key benefit was Wandera’s Exten service, a comprehensive data management solution for cellular-connected laptops.

After seeing immediate benefits through working with Wandera during the 30-day trial period, Stelrad decided to equip its sales teams with 4G-enabled 2-in-1 Windows 10 devices secured by Wandera.

“From the moment we started rolling out Wandera, the results were immediately obvious. Wandera has provided us with the benefit of being able to see an overview of the security status of our mobile fleet.”

– Mick Reynolds, Stelrad

The results

In addition to providing the peace of mind that devices and data are now under control, this solution is saving the company valuable time it previously needed to monitor its security concerns. Wandera blocks threats in real time and administrators receive notifications whenever a threat is halted. Wandera also alerts administrators of potential security risks, such as when a device is running an outdated operating system. A key benefit of the Wandera solution is that it provides Stelrad the ability to monitor and manage all of these SIM-enabled laptops, tablets and mobile devices together in one intuitive platform.

“With cybersecurity being a top concern at the moment, we wanted to ensure that our mobile fleet was protected. Wandera’s security functionality has provided us with a solution that addresses a variety of mobile risks.”

Following the success of this deployment, Stelrad is already working to transition more of its employees to SIM-enabled laptops, tablets and mobile devices to ensure the same security standards across the board with Wandera.

Company profile

Stelrad is the UK’s leading manufacturer of stylish modern radiators for heating systems. Founded in 1936, today the company supplies radiators for domestic and commercial heating systems throughout Europe.

Its headquarters are in Newcastle in the U.K, and its manufacturing and distribution centre is in Mexborough in South Yorkshire. Stelrad is making significant investments in its technological infrastructure, which includes enabling its growing workforce to safely use mobile devices both on and off corporate networks.