The challenge

Before the current program was fully deployed, Frontier found itself running into a number of problems. The airline’s flight attendants weren’t using their tablets competently, and the software installed on the tablets kept falling out of date. This would often happen when staff were on vacation or offline for extended periods of time. This out-of-date information was the cause of a major headache for Frontier’s IT staff, especially when running reports or making enhancements to credit card security.

“Wandera has helped us achieve an incredible cost saving on the back end.”

– Andrew Brandess, Frontier Airlines

Furthermore, the tablets couldn’t accommodate 3G or 4G cellular technology. As a result, whenever a transaction took place on board, the device then needed to be connected with an ethernet cable after the flight to move the data into the company’s financial system and to the bank for processing. This meant that Frontier typically wasn’t able to collect the revenue until two or three days after the transaction initially occurred, posing the risk of rejected payments.

“Our previous system did not allow us to recognize revenue in a timely manner and in some cases, there were lost transactions and revenues. We knew we needed a new tablet that would be centrally managed, used properly by staff and give us more onboard sales.”

The solution

Frustrated with these issues, Andrew and the team knew they’d have to try something fresh. The decision was made to deploy a fleet of new Samsung tablets. This empowered the onboard sales to be uploaded immediately, which meant instant revenue recognition. However, introducing 4G to the devices created a new set of challenges for the business. The consideration was threefold: how could it ensure the tablets were secure from threats, that staff did not make improper use of the devices and also keep track of potentially spiraling data costs?

Wandera was selected as the ideal technology to address these new challenges.

“With the Wandera solution we were able to allow work-related applications which reduced the 4G usage substantially and eliminated overages” says Brandess. “We have policies that restrict access over a 4G connection but we’ve opened up Wi-Fi access entirely so staff can do anything they want on Wi-Fi in their own time. This encourages them to treat the devices as their own and take care of them, which helps extend the life of every device in the long run”

“Moving forward, I think we’ll sign up for the bare minimum of 10MB per month per tablet, which, believe it or not, is probably enough given the data we’re sending is just credit card transactions. There really is no need for additional data, it’s been a very successful project.”

The results

“Wandera has paid for itself immediately and many times over. We can more easily achieve security compliance. Overall, it’s been a very cost-effective solution for us”

Despite budgeting for roughly 300GB of data per month, Frontier never exceeded 65GB once Wandera and was in place. So essentially the business is now using a fifth of what was allocated, simply because the new solutions were “working perfectly”, by limiting staff to point-of-sale software and blocking all third party apps and other websites from use.

“During the first month we had no idea how much data we were going to use so we’d watch the Wandera dashboard carefully each day and it showed data usage was staying consistently low. It was a very good feeling when we hit the month end and just realized we had way too much data. That’s a good problem to have.”

When Frontier activated the Wandera solution, the company’s onboard sales increased by roughly 25% overnight, thanks to a mix of instant payment processing, fewer declined credit cards, more inventive and sophisticated selling techniques and the introduction of an innovative world-first gratuities program that was widely embraced by staff.

The firm has no plans to stop here. It’s next destination will be the extension of the tablet program to include baggage offices, allowing luggage agents to file missing items and hopefully continue to add significant business value far and wide across the enterprise.

Company profile

Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low cost carrier. The airline offers more than 275 daily flights to 55 cities across the United States, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. To ensure passengers have a comfortable experience while on board, Frontier offers a variety of in-flight meal and beverage options.

To expedite the order and purchase process, each flight attendant has a company-owned, personally enabled (COPE) Samsung tablet they use to complete transactions. Frontier currently manages 1,750 mobile devices and expects to grow the mobile fleet to more than 2,500 in the near future.