At Wandera, customer service means a lot to us. It drives our desire to improve, it empowers us to enhance our product and it underpins the vital role Wandera plays in securing the enterprise.

What have we been up to?

Throughout 2017 we worked hard to exceed the expectations of our ever-growing customer base, welcoming new faces to the UK and US support teams to meet demand. We also expanded our support resources to include local numbers for Czech Republic and Australia, to add to the existing UK and US ones.
We implemented call-in security verification on our global Service Desk, making it simpler and more secure for customers to access their sensitive information.
We also migrated to a new unified service engine, allowing us to have a single source of information for each of our customers. Giving product development, customer services and our customer success team all the information they need, to ensure every single detail is captured.

We improved our self-access resolution

Although our team is always here to help, we also appreciate that some customers prefer to get started solo. To empower all of our customers to configure Wandera – and to help your new admins get up to speed – we’ve developed our ‘Getting Started Guide’. This section of the support center provides customers with all the latest information they need to deploy, configure and maintain the Wandera service.
We also launched our new and improved Self-Deployment Kits, available in English, Spanish and German, including detailed diagnostic walkthroughs for our most common requests, saving the customer valuable time.
To make things even more clear for the customer, we created 20+ diagnostic walkthroughs in the Support Center to help admins deal with the most common incident scenarios.
customer service.

We asked for your feedback

Customer feedback is the ultimate reflection of our performance. To measure customer satisfaction, we track two KPIs to reflect on overall customer experience – Delivery Satisfaction (DSAT), gathered after delivery completion, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)’, gathered at the point of case closure.

9/10 delivery satisfaction

During the delivery phase, we assign a delivery manager to help guide the customer through the initial stages. This includes configuring and setting up the solution, deciding on the best deployment options for their device fleet, and writing up the necessary end-user communication. We believe that this phase is key to ensuring that customers get the most out of our solution.
When a customer has deployed the solution to most of their devices, the assigned delivery manager asks for feedback on the deployment process and whether Wandera was able to live up to their expectations. The average rating was 9 out of 10 in 2017, proving that the current approach is working.

8.8/10 Customer Satisfaction

After the delivery stage is complete, a dedicated support team becomes the customer’s primary point of contact. The team are there to deal with any queries and issues that the customer might have.
Once a case has been resolved, we ask the customer to provide a customer satisfaction score to ensure that the support we provide is meeting their expectations. We’re thrilled to reveal the support team received 8.8 out of 10 from our customers in 2017.

Bright minds, fast development, cool features. Each day presents something new to piece together and deliver. Monotony is not in our vocabulary.

Johann – Technical Account Manager at Wandera

We listened

Early last year, we held an intimate event with a handful of customers to find out more about our customers’ security needs, and their overall experience of Wandera. The event was a great success and it filled us with first-hand insight of how customers interact with our service.

Below are some of the remarks we have received about our work in 2017:

It’s a 9 out of 10 from me. Thank you for your continued support and assistance in rolling out across our devices. I found it most useful having you at the end of the phone and not just being left to fend for ourselves. We’d certainly recommend this product. Transportation
9/10, I can’t fault the process or interactions with support Energy and Agriculture
Our management is very satisfied. We’ve even recommended the solution to our London Office. Financial Services
Keep up the excellent work guys, communication was clear and precise, all of the support guys seemed to be very knowledgeable about the product. It’s so nice to not end up in a support queue for a change, that can only read off scripts. Again, awesome job Telecommunications

We continue to develop

We’re extremely proud of the positive feedback we received throughout 2017, however, we’re always looking to raise the bar.
We understand that improvements can always be made to aid our customer experience, and that’s why we’re focusing on a range of exciting projects in 2018 – including easy-to-digest video walkthroughs, and enhancements to our self-service articles. Keep your eyes peeled.
For feedback on these points or any other improvements you’d like to see from us, please get in touch with our customer support team.
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